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Wellness Wednesday at GritCycle, May 1st

GritCycle Wellness Wednesday with Dr. Anita Wang

Wellness Wednesday at GritCycle, May 1st

Bring a friend, meet Dr. Wang, and enjoy a FREE spin class for Wellness Wednesday at GritCycle at Monarch Beach on Wednesday, May 1st, 2019.

Use promo code GRITSTRONG when booking your class online.

Please join us at GritCycle Monarch Beach in beautiful Dana Point on Wednesday morning, May 1st, 2019 for a complimentary spin class at either 7:00am, 9:30am or 10:45am.

FREE Cycle Class, FREE Wellness Assessment Giveaway

In addition to the complimentary GritCycle spin class, Dr. Anita Wang is also offering a giveaway at this event. All GritCycle attendees will receive a free Wellness Assessment with Dr. Wang on their first visit, valued at $150.00.

Reserve my spot on Wellness Wednesday at GritCycle

Use promo code GRITSTRONG when booking your class online.

How to Reserve Your GritCycle Spin Class Spot

Reserving your space for this special complimentary class is simple.

  1. Visit the GritCycle schedule page for Monarch Beach.
  2. Select your class on May 1st by clicking Reserve.
  3. Choose your Starting Spot.
  4. You may need to create an account on GritCycle if you don’t already have one.
  5. Purchase a First Time Rider class credit and click Buy.
  6. Enter discount promo code GRITSTRONG to get a 100% Discount for First Time Ride.
  7. Click Checkout.

Our Laguna Beach and other Orange County patients all agree that Dr. Wang is their go-to resource for vibrant health and youthful skin.

If you have any questions about this event, please call us today so we can help you reserve your spot for this special event.

RSVP to Wellness Wednesday at GritCycle now

We look forward to seeing you there!

GritCycle Wellness Wednesday with Dr. Anita Wang
Use promo code GRITSTRONG when booking your class online.
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Ready to Finally Feel Better?

Anita Wang, MD, FACEP, is a board-certified medical doctor of 30 years

Feel better, look better, naturally without harsh prescriptions or complicated surgeries. Practicing Functional and Integrative Medicine allows her to help patients find optimal health and vitality through comprehensive health profiling and rebalancing. She has practiced at UCLA Medical, Eisenhower Medical Center, and as a team lead in China during the 2003 SARS outbreak with Doctors without Borders (MSF). As the founder and lead practitioner of Wellness, Longevity and Aesthetics, Dr. Wang speaks globally, advocating for natural preventive health, pelvic and muscular strengthening, and minimally invasive aesthetics skin tightening.