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Your Wellness Assessment Score


Your Wellness Assessment Score

About your Results

You should feel so proud of yourself. It’s not always easy to take an honest look at your current health.

What does my score mean?

This online quiz is meant to be a quick introduction to what it means to be truly optimally healthy by functional medicine standards.

True Optimal Health

Conventional medicine says we are healthy if we have no disease. However, how healthy do you really feel if you have no disease, but you often feel tired throughout the day and suffer regularly from digestive issues or frequent mood swings? 

Cellular Function

Someone with true functional health has cells that are functioning optimally. Cells that are functioning suboptimally cause inflammation to build up in various parts of the body, resulting in some of the symptoms in the quiz.

Lower scores suggest better functional health

Dr. Anita’s goal is always to lower her patients’ wellness assessment scores. Lower scores mean a reduction in uncomfortable symptoms. Likewise, higher scores indicate more signals that the body is struggling to produce energy and is accumulating inflammation as a result. Inflammation exhibits itself in various parts of the body in different ways. A few examples:

  • Inflammation of the gut: digestive issues, gas, bloating, weight gain
  • Inflammation of the brain: headaches, mood swings, brain fog
  • Inflammation in the joints: stiffness or joint pain
  • Inflammation in the skin: rashes, acne, dry skin

This may be surprising, but Dr. Anita aims to get her patients to a score of FOUR (4) or below. Most Americans score well above that, assuming that having these issues is acceptable and “just a part of aging” or “something you have to learn to live with”.

Mystery Symptoms

The idea that getting older means our bodies will automatically fall apart is not necessarily true. While it is common that many individuals experience these mystery symptoms, it is not something you need to live with. There are natural ways to improve cellular function and therefore reduce the frequency/severity of or even eliminate these afflictions completely.

Living Proof

Living proof: Dr. Anita practices what she preaches, and her wellness assessment score of FOUR (4) helps her live an active lifestyle helping patients all day and caring for her family at home.

More living proof: Dr. Anita’s mom, who is 90 years old at the time of this writing, has a score of TEN (10) thanks to her daughter’s attention and use of supplements to help her maintain nutritional/hormonal/gut balance.

Wellness Assessment Accuracy

How accurately did this wellness assessment describe you and how you currently feel about your health?

If you felt this assessment missed the mark, please keep in mind that the short 15 question quiz you just finished makes up only a sample of the questions Dr. Anita asks during her full evaluations. Her complete Wellness Assessment lists over 70 symptoms and ailments, and is only one of many pieces of information that she collects as part of a full Essential Wellness exam. 

Essential Wellness Exam

The extensive information Dr. Anita collects as part of her Essential Wellness Exam provides a more comprehensive picture of your current health, as well as what factors contribute to it. 

Other health data she collects includes:

  • An extensive health history, well beyond the typical medical history collected by most primary care physicians
  • Recommended lab tests
  • Nutrition and Exercise Diary

From all of this information, Dr. Anita will determine what nutrients your body needs most, how well your body rids toxins, and what disease pathways that are most likely to affect you.

A Partner in Health

Though extremely eye-opening, the true health analysis is only a framework for the most important step: the collaborative effort it takes for you both to determine a plan of action. This plan will recommend what you can do to change the course of your lifelong vitality and feel better now.

Create Balance

At the core of this plan is to not only balance nutrients, gut, and hormones, but also create balance in patients’ lifestyles so they can still enjoy the foods and activities they love, in tandem with other new healthy habits.

Small Changes can make a Huge Difference

Dr. Anita does not believe in fad diets or deprivation. True optimal health comes with a long lasting commitment to health, which works best with manageable adjustments, guidance, and support. This is Dr. Anita’s goal for her patients’ success.

The Bottom Line

Thank you for taking the time to invest in your health. 

Sometimes, taking that first step is just enough to get the ball rolling. So why not keep the momentum going? 

Next Steps

If you’re ready to start your wellness journey now, schedule an appointment with Dr. Anita for an Essential Wellness Initial Consultation. 

If you still have questions about how Dr. Anita might be able to help you, schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call so you can find out more. 

Learn more about Dr. Anita and her philosophy on health.

See why patients trust Dr. Anita with their care. 

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