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Vitality within reach for Older Adults

Nora Wang for Emsculpt Emsella

Vitality within reach for Older Adults

Nora’s Secret to Vitality

Orange County’s Holistic MD restores quality of life

Dr. Anita says, “My mom says she is so lucky, and her friends are a bit envious, because her daughter is now her own personal doctor, nutritionist and physical therapist. She will be turning 90 years old next year, and her goals are to improve her golf game.

In one day, she gets up, sweeps her deck and cleans her apartment, plays 9 holes of golf, practices tapping dancing, gets on Zoom for her Zumba class, does her eccentric exercises, and goes for her 8,000 step daily walk. She also works on her brain by reading and doing some Sudoku. She keeps her core to floor muscles strong with the Emsella and Emsculpt, which has helped with her energy, mood, and sleep. She no longer gets up every 2 hours like before and sleeps through the entire night.

Friends my own age take a year to do some of these activities. She does them all in one day! To top it all off, she is taking personalized supplements I prescribe her to keep her micronutrients, gut, and hormones balanced. She feels she has more energy and a greater well being than ever before.

Meet Nora (Transcript from the Video)

This is Mrs. Wang. She’s older than you are, but don’t let that fool you. She’ll wipe you all over the course.

Nora: “I’ll beat You at golf!”

What’s her secret to staying young?

Nora: “Walk on the Beach.

Do your Tai Chi.

Be Happy.”

Yeah that… and a little Emsella and Emsculpt doesn’t hurt.

Nora: “That one’s for my six pack.”

Pelvic Health with Side Benefits

Dr. Anita Wang combines Emsculpt and Emsella to build her muscles and rejuvenate her metabolism. “I call it Core to Floor. So when you build up the muscles of the abdomen from the core to the floor, which no one thinks about working out their pelvis, but pelvic health is really important and the side benefit is better intimacy. Who doesn’t want that?”

Nora: “If you don’t do it, you lose it.”

So many people suffer from Incontinence and never talk about it

Dr. Anita: “I saw a lot of this embarrassing moment of incontinence and people didn’t want to talk about it.”

Nora: “I was losing sleep. That is not me. And it was affecting quality of life. I had to get up 2-3 times a night, and leaking all the way to the toilet. And after the treatment, I can sleep through the night. I’m so happy. I get back to my old self.”

More Core Strength = More Stability

And combining Emsculpt on top of Emsella leads to other health benefits as well.

Dr. Anita: “Having that core strength, when you do that little trip, and then you can’t catch yourself, that’s where the elderly will trip and then they’ll fall.”

Nora: “After I had the treatment, I can walk not only more steps, but more steady.”

More Muscle = More Energy

Dr. Anita: “The more muscle mass you have, the better metabolism you have.”

Nora: “Suddenly I have all this energy. When I hear music I want to dance. I love to dance, I forgot to tell you that.”
So can you guess her age?

Nora is 89 years old young. (90 years old in 2021!)

I’ll Have What She’s Having

Nora has felt her energy, stamina, and mood skyrocket with the help of Dr. Anita’s Emsculpt combined with Health Rebalancing. She’s seen her skin get firmer and tighter.

What is she doing? She’s doing it all:

  • Emsella to lessen nighttime bathroom trips, thus getting better sleep
  • Emsculpt on her abs for core strength, which has helped her sit up from lying down, stand up straighter, and move more easily
  • Emsculpt on her legs for mobility and jumping
  • Emsculpt on her glutes for squatting and climbing stairs
  • Emsculpt on her arms to diminish flab, fight sarcopenia, and improve her golf swing
  • Emsella to tighten her pelvic floor for urinary continence
  • Emsculpt on her abs to further strengthen her pelvic floor — no leaks at night or when she coughs, sneezes, jumps, or laughs
  • Lab tests and supplementation to balance micronutrients, gut, hormones — which primes her body to build muscle and flush fat and toxins
  • Exilis on her face and neck to tighten sagging skin

These services combined have helped Nora live with more vitality at 90 than most of have now. Dr. Anita now offers these services in a premium membership that offers the most flexibility at affordable rates. Learn more about Vitality Memberships at Wellness, Longevity, and Aesthetics.

Stop Suffering, Start Healing

Whatever concerns you have over your health, you don’t just have to “Learn to Live with it.” Dr. Anita can help. Book your free consult today.

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