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The Healing Kitchen

The Healing Kitchen

A Medicinal Food Cooking Series

The Healing Kitchen: Uncover Ancient Healing Foods In This Powerful Series

Food has the power to change our mood, to bring people together, and it has the power to heal.

You may have heard the saying, “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine thy food.” These words were spoken two thousand years ago by the celebrated Greek Physician, Hippocrates – commonly hailed as the father of modern medicine. He knew that the right foods combined with specific medicinal herbs was a recipe for a long and healthy life…

But somewhere along the way, we seem to have forgotten this simple truth.

We started mass-producing food with impersonal machines and artificial ingredients.

We told ourselves that the busy-ness of modern life required this “convenience.”

We went so far as to even dye our foods so that they would appear as though they were just as fresh and vital as they had been before our industrial practices and pesticides stripped away all their nutrients.

Sadly, it’s no surprise that people who consume foods that not only lack nutritional value, but also contain carcinogenic and other harmful ingredients – are winding up sick and even worse.

Tasty Medicine

Because, just as the ancients knew – and as modern science finally demonstrates – the key to good health is… nutrient-dense, mineral-rich, fully-intact, consciously-created food.

If you want to be healthy and vital, you need to consume food that possesses these same qualities—and not just when you’re sick. It’s time for us to remember and embody this ancient truth, and to revive both ourselves and our kitchens.

That’s why I’m so excited to share a new docuseries called Healing Kitchen: Let Food Be Thy Medicine, a transformative – and FREE – documentary series exploring the world’s most promising medicinal foods and how they can be used to prevent and heal disease.

Each episode is beautifully filmed and jam-packed with powerful recipes and ancient remedies that will turn your kitchen into a personal sanctuary of natural wellness and true nourishment.

What you’ll learn

In this exclusive FREE series, you’ll discover:

  • How to create plant-based healing recipes that target specific health conditions and vital systems within your body
  • How to support your microbiome and rethink diet, so that rather than eating for one, you’re eating for several trillion
  • Ancient kitchen remedies that improve brain function and memory, even in patients with cognitive impairment
  • Healing dishes that help prevent and heal some of the most prevalent diseases of our time including Alzheimer’s and dementia, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, auto-immune disorders and long list of other illnesses
  • How eating vibrant foods can improve your skin health, hair health and overall complexion, supporting the aging process
  • Plant-based foods that addresses the real source of hormone imbalance, infertility, and low libido
  • And much more!

This new 9-part documentary series is packed with wellness information that you can use immediately in both your own and your loved one’s lives. You’ll meet a fun and inspiring  group of experts, from farm to table chefs, herbalists, and wild food foragers, to small farmers, natural doctors, holistic nutritionists and more! All you have to do is click the link to sign up.

Watch the trailer here:

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