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Summer Special – Emsculpt Package of 4 – $1540

Emsculpt Laguna

Summer Special – Emsculpt Package of 4 – $1540

Package includes free consultation with Dr. Anita. Summer Special pricing available in packages of 4 sessions, purchase by Aug 31, 2022 – Use anytime, no expiration date.

Emsculpt is a muscle building and fat burning device – an effective medical gym giving you a head to toe workout in a private, relaxed setting. Purchase your package of 4 Emsculpt sessions today and use them anytime, there is no expiration date.

Dr. Anita is an experienced medical doctor and provides a tailored, non-invasive, holistic approach to long lasting results. Emsculpt combined with personalized programs keep the body in optimal nutritional and hormonal balance — the true key to lifelong vitality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can benefit from the EMSCULPT® procedure, though patients with a BMI less than 30 tend to see greater results.

30-minutes per treatment with a minimum of 4 sessions scheduled 2-3 days apart. Dr. Anita will help you create a treatment plan tailored to your specific goals.

EMSCULPT feels like an intense workout with all the work being done for you. As you lay down, the Emsculpt contracts your muscle for you, eliciting supramaximal contractions over your treatment of 30 minutes. It feels like you are completing a difficult abdomen or butt workout, but it is very comfortable. Rarely do patients break a sweat, though you may feel slightly fatigued and/or thirsty later in the day.

Just bring yourself! EMSCULPT has no pre/post treatment preparation, although keeping hydrated is always helpful for any body sculpting procedure.

Just as muscles will expand during a strenuous workout, the treatment area will feel firmer and tighter after just one Emsculpt session. As the body begins to flush out the destroyed fat cells over two to four weeks, patients notice a gradual improvement for up to 3 months. In clinical trials, patients saw an average fat reduction of 19%, with an increase in muscle mass of up to 16%.

The results of Emsculpt actually improve over time, with the best results showing at about three months. After the initial treatment series, patients usually talk about follow-up maintenance treatments after about three months. Some patients prefer another treatment package, while others receive treatment on other areas, while still others prefer to continue more frequent treatments for maintenance. Speak with Dr. Anita about your goals and budget to determine what follow up treatments would be best for you.

Emsculpt renders the best results for adults in good shape who desire better definition, rather than significant weight loss. Because muscle weighs more than fat, some patients may lose no weight or even gain weight. Dr. Anita will talk about the target weight you should aim for to get the most out of your Emsculpt appointments and the best long-term results. 

Although the procedure does not target the love handles area specifically, buttock and abdomen treatments will often help to minimize love handles.

Emsculpt is entirely non-invasive, and does not involve any downtime. You’re free to go about your daily routine immediately following treatment. You may experience soreness similar to that of an intensive workout several days post-treatment, but Emsculpt does not require rest time. You can drive and get back to your regular day right after treatment, making it a great lunch break procedure.

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Some patients experience some DOMS – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. If by the subsequent appointment the treatment area is still considerably sore, please talk to Dr. Anita for any possible adjustments to your treatment.

Exercise and drinking plenty of water can help flush out toxins and lactic acid. Because there is no downtime and because EMSCULPT targets the muscle and not the skin surface, most other massages and  aesthetic procedures are safe enough while still completing EMSCULPT treatments. Dr. Anita may suggest a combination procedure or complementary treatments for skin tightening, anti-aging, or additional body contouring, depending on your goals. 

The length of Emsculpt results will last a different amount of time for each person. To keep your results looking great, we recommend a healthy lifestyle that consists of exercise and wholesome eating. As with regular strength training, muscles will atrophy without use. Many patients find that Emsculpt kickstarts or keeps their fitness levels high, even bolstering their commitment to their muscular health. Some of our patients come in every two to six months to keep their body looking flawless. Some of our patients come in every one to six months to keep their body looking flawless. 

It may seem like Emsculpt is quite similar to CoolSculpting, the popular nonsurgical fat-reduction solution. But the two are actually very different.

Emsculpt is a much more natural procedure than CoolSculpting, which freezes and destroys fat cells. While the intended results of each treatment are similar, Emsculpt patients often see results more quickly. With CoolSculpting, it can take months for your body to eliminate the fat cells that produce your results; Emsculpt gives most patients visible results in mere weeks. Both treatments offer patients no downtime. 

Both Emsculpt and CoolSculpting contour your body and get rid of bothersome fat bulges. However, CoolSculpting will only reduce fat stores, whereas Emsculpt will help your body naturally burn off fat cells and achieve stronger muscles. The result will be toned, sexy contours.

Patients should talk to Dr. Anita during their consultation to get personalized treatment recommendations. To schedule your Emsculpt consultation at our Laguna Beach boutique, schedule a free consultation.

Ultimately, your choice of procedure is highly personal, but the advantages of Emsculpt make it worth considering as your first choice for body contouring.

The key difference between EmSculpt and EmSculpt Neo is that the Emsculpt Neo has heat built into the device via radio frequency, and so is designed for patients with greater fat reducing needs. Emsculpt Neo treatments tend to be upwards of 50% more expensive than regular Emsculpt. Some also report greater discomfort with the heating element of the Emsculpt Neo when combined with the intensity of the HIFEM muscle contractions.

EMSculpt Neo’s ability to burn through fat in the targeted area makes it an ideal choice for patients with greater body fat in the exact area where the applicators are placed. However, most individuals have specific trouble spots that lie outside of the areas where the Emsculpt Neo is applied. If the targeted fat loss areas are outside the affecting radius of the Emsculpt Neo, then additional treatments with different fat burning devices may be necessary. An example of this would be if you want a smaller waistline but also want to remove the fat on the sides of the waistline, the “love handles” or “muffin top”, then the Emsculpt Neo is less equipped to address these areas.

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Many of Dr. Anita’s patients come to her with a specific “trouble spot”. Not only do they want a smaller, tighter waistline or rounder, leaner booty, but they also want to get rid of the fat on the sides of their abs that hangs over the top of their pants, or remove the banana roll fat that sits underneath the buttocks. The Exilis Ultra 360 is a handheld medical device that uses the same Radio Frequency (RF) technology that the Emsculpt Neo has, but it will get into the “nooks and crannies” for fat loss in specific areas where the Neo cannot reach. At the same time, it can tighten the skin in these areas in a more even way than the Emsculpt Neo ever could.

Dr. Anita’s protocol for patients who want to tighten their abs, booty, arms, and legs AND get rid of trouble spots: use Emsculpt to melt the internal visceral fat between the muscle fibers and create a strong structure by which the skin rests, then use Exilis to melt the outer layer of fat, reduce cellulite, lose inches immediately, and tighten up loose skin. This Exilis device is also her secret to a younger and sharper jawline.

This leads many to wonder, why add Emsculpt Classic at all if the Exilis will get rid of the fat? We all know that fat has no active purpose than to store energy, but building muscle actually helps the body burn fat and perform other essential functions more efficiently and effectively. Because of these reasons, Emsculpt does promote better overall health, better sleep, better mood, and reduce diabetes and cardiovascular risk, on top of creating definition, improving strength and and increasing tone without creating unsightly bulk. 

For those with busy schedules and time constraints, one might believe that the Emsculpt Neo is the ideal solution for fewer trips to the office. However, Dr. Anita often performs Emsculpt and Exilis treatments back to back in one trip to the office. The typical Emsculpt program is 4 treatments twice a week for 2 weeks, and Exilis is done once a week for 4 weeks. That is a total 6 office visits if you receive two of the Exilis treatments following the Emsculpt treatment. In total, it takes 30 minutes for each treatment, or an hour in total for a custom treatment in the areas each unique patient wants to address.

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