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Stay Healthy this Cold and Flu Season

"stay healthy through the flu season" surrounded by fruits and vegetables

Stay Healthy this Cold and Flu Season

Four tips for Boosting your Immune System

Colorful assortment of herbs, spices, fruits, and vegetables to maintain your health throughout the flu season

This cold and flu season, follow these four simple tips to boost your immune system and stay healthy and well.

Eat the Rainbow

Eating the rainbow means eating fruits and vegetables of different colors every day. Plants contain different pigments, or phytonutrients, which give them their color. Different-colored plants are linked to higher levels of specific nutrients and health benefits. Eating more vegetables and fruit is always a good idea, and focusing on eating a variety of colors will increase your intake of different nutrients to benefit various areas of your health.

Plenty of Sleep

Get plenty of restful and restorative sleep. Sleep is essential to every process in the body, affecting our physical and mental functioning, our ability to fight disease and develop immunity, and our metabolism and chronic disease risk. Healthy adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night, while babies, young children, and teens need even more sleep to enable their growth and development. 

Outdoor Exercise

Go outside and move your body in the sunlight and fresh air! Regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. Being physically active can improve your brain health, help manage weight, strengthen bones and muscles, and reduce the risk of disease. Additionally, sunlight can boost your mood, strengthen your bones, strengthen your immune system, reduce stress, and improve sleep.

Immuno-GI Restore supplement of herbs to restore balance in your gut

Immuno-GI Restore

For those times when you’ve had too much sugar, not enough sleep, not enough vegetables… Dr. Anita recommends supplements to fill in the gaps and give your immune system a boost.

Immuno-GI Restore is a blend of herbs that can be taken as a daily supplement to protect you against environmental elements. Active ingredients including goldenseal, oregano, barberry, organic acids, wormwood, and black walnuts combine to optimally support your immune system. Dr. Anita recommends this as a good basis to have, especially during the colder, dryer months when viruses are typically more prevalent. Immuno-GI Restore helps balance your gut after an increase in consumption of sugar or simple carbs. It also prevents yeast and fungi growth, as well as protecting your overall intestinal ecosystem.

Immuno-GI Restore is available now for pickup at Dr. Anita’s office. Contact Dr. Anita to see if these supplements are right for you.

For more information

Dr. Anita’s immune health e-book has a lot of information and ways to boost your immune system this cold and flu season. If you are unsure about your need for immune support, take a mini wellness quiz here.

You can schedule an appointment online with Dr. Anita, or contact us to learn more about a personalized wellness program.

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