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Do I need to take Supplements to be Healthy?


Do I need to take Supplements to be Healthy?


Dr. Anita believes that taking supplements — or choosing to avoid supplements — is a personal choice, and supports those that do, as well as those that choose not to take supplements.

Supplementing Vitamin and Mineral Deficiencies

When Dr. Anita tests her wellness patients for micronutrient imbalances, she often finds certain vitamin/mineral deficiencies at the root of many health issues. Supplements, when taken appropriately under the supervision of a medical professional, can give individuals what their bodies need in a convenient form. Some people either don’t enjoy eating the foods that will give them the nutrients they need, and sometimes we aren’t getting enough from food sources because of a variety of reasons beyond our control. Sometimes supplements can offer the convenience of getting necessary nutrients when our diet alone is imperfect.

Buyer Beware: Not all Supplements are Created Equal

Not all nutraceuticals and supplements are created equal! Dr. Anita has researched and identified a vitamin manufacturer that performs testing that goes beyond minimal FDA requirements for her Nutrapacks Supplements. As required by FDA GMPs, each and every raw material is tested for identity. Identity testing is simply confirming that the raw material is indeed what it says it is on the raw material’s labeling.

Dr. Anita only recommends supplements that maintain similarly high levels of standards for purity, strength, and potency.

What is the best vitamin pack to take?

The best vitamin pack to take is the one that suits your unique needs. Dr. Anita recommends talking to your doctor before beginning any new supplement program. Contact the office today to schedule your free discovery consultation

What is the best brand of multivitamin to buy?

Dr. Anita offers a Multivitamin pack also in convenient daily dose packages. Contact Dr. Anita for more information.

Are vitamin packs worth it?

Dr. Anita’s Individualized Nutrient Packs save patients money by including a perfectly even 30 day supply of each supplement. No more keeping track of which supplements are running out, and which you have too many of. As a result, packs are a more cost effective way of getting the supplements you need.

Alternatives to Supplements

Dr. Anita also works with those who also prefer to avoid supplements and get their nutrients from whole foods. Some individuals are uncomfortable swallowing pills or have a hard time remembering to take them.

True Optimal Health Comes in Many Forms

There are multiple ways to achieve true optimal health, and Dr. Anita is happy to be on that journey with her patients.

See a sample of supplements Dr. Anita currently offers.

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