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New Docuseries: PROVEN by The Sacred Science

Proven Docuseries

New Docuseries: PROVEN by The Sacred Science

Proven Docu-series

Alternative Medicine Docuseries

I recently had the opportunity to get involved with a team of talented alternative medical professionals and wanted to share this documentary series, which I will be speaking in.

PROVEN: Healing Breakthroughs Backed By Science

Now, more than ever, each and every one of us needs to learn how to take control of our own health.

Not only is our immunity and overall well-being vital in preventing illness in the months ahead – our access to basic healthcare isn’t as easy to come by in these times of social distancing.

The good news is that we have at our fingertips so many brilliantly effective and safe ways to not only heal illnesses, but prevent it from happening in the first place.

I’m talking about nourishing the beautiful organism that is YOU on every level – your body, your mind and beyond.

We are entering an era of empowerment, where every one of us needs our own DIY Home Medicine chest.

The question is how do we navigate the storm of information that is sprouting up left and right on how to stay healthy in the months ahead?

Learn more about some well-vetted ways to be and stay healthy.

Check out the trailer of the exciting new docuseries PROVEN: Healing Breakthroughs Backed By Science. This 9-part series will open your eyes to evidence-based healing methods that you probably didn’t know about – including powerful foods that fight disease.

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This series is all about “alternative” healing modalities that have been scientifically proven to be as effective – often more so — than pharmaceutical drugs or surgery.

And far safer.

PROVEN showcases evidence-based practices and techniques that are not yet being used in mainstream medical practice. You’ll witness interviews with world-renowned health experts as well as survivors who have benefitted from these life-changing natural and “alternative” healing modalities.

And it’s FREE to watch for a limited time.

Watch the trailer here:

Proven uses the lens of science to guide you through the most powerful  “alternative,” complementary and lifestyle medicines out there.


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Many of us are already on the path of wholesome and transformative lifestyles, but there’s always more for us to learn. Here are just a few of the questions that Proven will answer for you:

  • Which herbs and supplements are best for your unique health needs?
  • Are there easy DIY technologies that you can bring into your home to heal your body and/or help detect health issues before they occur?
  • What are the most essential healing foods to put on your plate?
  • Are there traditional medicines (think Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda) that are proven to work for any illness you might have?
  • What types of functional exercises / movements are right for your physiology and age?
  • What mindfulness / mindset practices can most benefit you?
  • Are there hidden toxins in my home that I need to be aware of and remove?
  • Are there online health tests that I can access at home to keep an eye on my wellness and that of my loved ones?
  • And many more…
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PROVEN gives you answers to these questions, showing you a number of evidence-based, holistic approaches that the major medical centers (Harvard, Johns Hopkins and Mayo Clinic, to name a few) all stand behind.

This documentary series includes natural and alternative healing information you can immediately use in your and your loved ones’ lives. Click the link to register.

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Proven Docu-Series

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