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4 Simple Steps to a New Year’s New You

4 Simple Steps to a New Year’s New You

Happy New Year!

Not making a New Years resolution and want a new you but think it’s too difficult? Would you try if I told you it is possible in 4 simple steps?

What are your Goals for the new year?

Happy Healthy 2019

Every New Year is when people begin to dream about making changes in their lives, whether it is a New Year’s resolution or not. What is important is the intention and success of that dream. If your wants, desires, and dreams are to live long looking youthful with more energy, then make your New Year’s resolution to join my practice and succeed in your goals for 2019. Invest in your health that will give you benefits, that will last you a lifetime.

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How Dr. Anita Wang can Help

I want the same goals for you and am excited about my practice of medicine which is about helping you achieve these goals. The practice is not about diagnosing disease but about prevention and predicting your risk for disease, based on your genetic make up and inherited genetic mutations from your parents.

What are your wishes? It is all achievable, and I’d be happy to be a part of that success.

  • Get in shape
  • Lose weight
  • Make healthy food choices
  • Kick a bad habit/start a good habit
  • Have fewer wrinkles
  • Stop incontinence
  • Improve intimate relationship
  • Learn to relax
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Know your risk for autoimmune diseases: Dr. Wang offers a simple test that can identify predictive antibodies, which can appear up to ten years before clinical onset of disease.

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Epigenetics vs Allopathic Medicine

What else is exciting? Epigenetics, which means no matter what your lifestyle has been, your DNA is able to repair themselves with the right choices. This is why functional, molecular, holistic, anti aging medicine is the cutting edge compared to conventional allopathic medicine. Allopathic medicine waits until you have symptoms and labs result that add up to a disease indicating the need for treatment with a pill. Versus my integrative medical practice which focuses on healthy lifestyle choices that support healthy DNA and prevent disease.

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4 Simple Steps to a New You

1. FOOD choices

Based on knowing if you have micronutrient deficiency, determine which foods cause cellular inflammation. Without knowing your needs, simple things you can do are to:


Second step is MOOD which is extremely important. It is the reason of being, what makes that “AHA” moment of the day, the joy, happiness, positive outlook, the laughter, you get the picture.

Your mood maybe impacted by hormonal imbalance an HPA axis dysfunction.


Third step is MOVE. A body in motion is important for cardiovascular health, strong muscle and flexible muscles. Did you know if you are a vegan you may lack creatine, which could effect your skin and muscle ability to maintain elasticity?


Fourth step is to RELAX which includes restorative sleep, meditation, getting your stress under control, and other factors that may be effecting your ability to achieve these. Adrenal fatigue, hormonal imbalance including melatonin levels can effect your ability to achieve RELAX.

Simple Steps Recap

These 4 steps develop ultimate health by balancing out catabolic and anabolic states in the body producing abundance of vitality and longevity. If you are doing all 4 and do not feel full of vitality then knowing your cellular needs and making sure your mitochondria power houses of the body are working optimally is the key. I would love to work with you to be able to get you to your full health potential.

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In Health and to a Happy Healthy 2019!

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