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Products for Immune, Gluten, Casein, Stress

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Products for Immune, Gluten, Casein, Stress

New Products: Immuno-GI Restore, Glutacase, and Adrenocrine

Dr. Anita is often asked what keeps her energy so high and her body in optimal health. She credits a few things, including three new products she has now formulated for patients: Glutacase, Immuno-GI Restore, and Adrenocrine. When asked what her secret to vitality is, she writes:

“My genetic testing results indicate that I have a mutation in one of the major detox pathways. Detoxification is critical for neutralizing free radicals, our daily battle against cancer and disease. Because of this unique biochemistry, I make sure to support my detoxification system and reduce excess inflammation, which is the seed of illness. One way I do that is to drink my green detox smoothie daily, which fuels my cells with nutrient rich and anti-inflammatory ingredients.

But make no mistake: I also love to eat for pleasure in addition to eating for vitality. In defense of any less helpful foods I consume or other toxic exposures I face, I like to make sure my cells have the vital cofactors and nutrients to function optimally. I do that through specialty lab tests and personalized supplements I formulated for myself and for my patients. 

Immuno-GI Restore for gut health, immune health

For protection against outside environmental factors, I created a daily supplement called Immuno-GI Restore. Especially during the winter months, I consume 1-3 packets daily depending on my crowd exposure and/or my intake of sugar and simple carbs. The more pleasure eating of pies and cookies I partake in, the more packets I will take to mitigate the effects these factors have on my gut health. Immuno-GI Restore contains anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-parasitical, and anti-fungal botanicals, and is supportive against upper respiratory infections and colds. Ingredients like goldenseal help keep the good intestinal microbes intact, thereby also keeping the immune system strong. Without the help of Immuno-GI Restore, the bad bacteria like yeast (candida) may flourish, causing other discomforts like bloating, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps.

Glutacase for gluten, casein digestion

To combat the ill-effects of gluten and casein, I designed another supplement I call Glutacase. Though I typically recommend nearly all my patients to limit their gluten intake, I know the holidays can be an especially difficult time to avoid it completely. When I consume gluten or dairy – either accidentally or intentionally – I make sure to take Glutacase along with that food. Glutacase contains aloe vera gel, which contains 8 enzymes and more, and is especially ideal for individuals who are sensitive to wheat based and milk based products. Many experience a wide variety of systemic symptoms like abdominal pain, diarrhea, or brain fog when eating gluten. Glutacase mitigates these symptoms by reducing the inflammatory reaction and breaking the protein into smaller digestible particle sizes for the body to handle since it does not have the digestive enzyme to fully digest the gluten as is.

Adrenocrine for stress

My last secret tool is a formula I created called Adrenocrine. Under times of excessive stress, the adrenals generate higher than normal levels of cortisol, which for extended periods of time can cause overall inflammation and suppress your immune system. Adrenocrine helps regulate those cortisol levels, which can provide relaxed energy, help keep you calm, and support physical and mental function during times of stress. Adrenocrine supports your adrenal system with herbal adaptogens like Asian ginseng, ashwagandha, holy basil, and rhodiola. I recommend one tablet a day when stress  or feeling energetically spent, and take two tablets if under higher stress, keeping cortisols levels stable. 

I have been personally taking a combination of these supplements for years, and am so happy to be able to make them accessible to my patients in a convenient way. Everything I do for patients is what I do for myself. I only ask my patients what I am willing to do for my own health. I hope this information and these products are helpful to you, as my wish is always for long life and vitality. 

In good health, 

Dr. Anita”

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Glutacase, Immuno-GI Restore, and Adrenocrine are available now for pickup at Dr. Anita’s office. Contact Dr. Anita to see if these supplements are right for you.

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