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Somatic-Spiritual Coaching & Massage Therapy 

Somatic-Spiritual Coaching & Massage Therapy 

Somatic-Spiritual Coaching & Massage Therapy available at Dr. Anita’s Wellness, Longevity, and Aesthetics

Dr. Anita is excited to offer in-office Massage Therapy & Coaching Services as part of her non-invasive, anti-aging wellness approach, with someone she trusts. Morgyn Danae, CMT, R-YFDE, DCC, CPT is a licensed massage therapist & somatic-spiritual coach with 20+ years of experience and training.

Morgyn Danae’s sessions are customized and highly effective. She incorporates her extensive background as spiritual guide and certifications in multiple massage modalities, therapeutic dance & embodiment, holistic women’s core/pelvic recovery, breath & energy work. All of her work has been trauma-informed for over 10 years.

1:1 Coaching Program for Women: “Reclaim Your Creative Center”

For more information https://www.morgyndanae.com/private-coaching-for-women

Her Massage/Bodywork Services Include:

Somatic Trauma Recovery

Tune into your body’s wisdom, heal your spirit and nervous system, and release trauma in a relaxing, safe space. Breathwork, guided visualization, grounding, and intuitive spiritual guidance (when requested) are integrated into our massage sessions..

Deep Tissue/Sports, Relaxation, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

Traditional form of Hawaiian massage also called “Loving Hands Massage”. It was designed to serve the whole family & community in all walks of life.


With a focus on the hands and whole foot and how it reflects the map of the body, both externally and internally, the touch from reflexology is grounding, nourishing, and can pinpoint healing for areas of the body that may not be accessible to direct touch (such as after an injury).

Specifically for Women:


Abdominal/Scar Tissue Massage

Our bellies are our centers of emotion, intuition, and digestion. They can hold stress, tension and knots. Incorporates guided breath work, energy work, abdominal muscle and internal organ toning. Includes c-section and post-abdominal surgery scar tissue recovery program (even years later).

Thai Yoga massage

Excellent for flexibility, hip/pelvic alignment and low back/hip pain.

For more information

You can schedule an appointment online with Morgyn Danae, CMT, R-YFDE, DCC, CPT at https://www.morgyndanae.com/contact or contact us to learn more about what program might best for you.

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