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Manual Osteopath

Manual Osteopath

Manual Osteopath Services available at Dr. Anita’s Wellness, Longevity, and Aesthetics

Dr. Anita is excited to now offer in-office Manual Osteopathy as part of her non-invasive, anti-aging wellness approach, with someone she trusts. Welcome to Dr. Shannon Zingel Ph.D BCDMO of Beyond Better Wellness, providing an alternative approach to therapy that promotes healing and wellness by focusing on the rejuvenation of mind, body and soul.

As a passionate practitioner, Shannon’s primary goal is to help you achieve optimal health and restore balance within your body. With her extensive knowledge in manual osteopathy, she’s committed to providing personalized care and empowering you on your wellness journey.

Shannon’s expertise lies in understanding the intricate connections between your body’s structure and its overall function. Through gentle manual techniques, she works to alleviate pain, improve mobility, and enhance your body’s ability to heal itself naturally.

With a compassionate approach, Shannon creates a safe and nurturing environment where you can openly discuss your concerns. She takes the time to listen, thoroughly assess your needs, and tailor a treatment plan specifically for you. Whether you’re recovering from an injury, managing chronic pain, or simply seeking a holistic approach to wellness, Shannon is here to support you every step of the way.

Beyond her technical skills, Shannon believes in the power of education. She’ll share valuable insights and practical tips to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle, prevent future issues, and optimize your overall well-being. Together, you’ll embark on a journey towards improved health and vitality.

Ready to experience the benefits of manual osteopathy? Follow Shannon Zingel to stay updated on the latest wellness tips, inspiring stories, and informative content. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to discover the incredible healing potential within your own body!

Join Shannon’s community and let’s nurture a healthier, happier you. Welcome aboard! 

For more information

You can find more information and schedule an appointment online with Dr.Shannon Zingel Ph.D BCDMO at www.beyondbetterwellness.com or contact us to learn more about which treatment might best for you.

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Anita Wang, MD, FACEP, is a board-certified medical doctor of 30 years

Feel better, look better, naturally without harsh prescriptions or complicated surgeries. Practicing Functional and Integrative Medicine allows her to help patients find optimal health and vitality through comprehensive health profiling and rebalancing. She has practiced at UCLA Medical, Eisenhower Medical Center, and as a team lead in China during the 2003 SARS outbreak with Doctors without Borders (MSF). As the founder and lead practitioner of Wellness, Longevity and Aesthetics, Dr. Wang speaks globally, advocating for natural preventive health, pelvic and muscular strengthening, and minimally invasive aesthetics skin tightening.