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Dr. Wang Supports Thurston Middle School’s Kindness Challenge

Thurston Middle School's Kindness Challenge

Dr. Wang Supports Thurston Middle School’s Kindness Challenge

Laguna Beach’s top wellness practitioner helps lead the way in student sponsorship effortsThurston Middle School's Kindness Challenge

After wrapping up all her patient visits, Dr. Wang likes to conclude each day at the office with a few minutes of meditation and gratitude practice. “It’s important for me to take a moment to recognize the wellness community around me,” she says. “There are so many great people in Laguna Beach who support wellness initiatives and understand how they can positively impact our community,” said Wang. Take Thurston Middle School, who, along with their PTA, are planning a Kindness Challenge this year.

Thurston Middle School’s Kindness Challenge

The Kindness Challenge is a new fundraising effort recently launched at Thurston Middle School. The goal of the fundraiser is two-fold: kids will be out there raising money for their school, while also thinking of different ways to be kind. “I really like the new fundraiser Thurston has put together because it gives the kids a chance to get outside of themselves and think about being kind to others. Being kind to one another is an important part of overall wellness,” she believes.

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Program Sponsor

As a top sponsor, Wang helped the school launch the program along with other local businesses. “I think it’s great when our community can give back to others, which is why I felt it was important to become an early supporter of Thurston’s Kindness Challenge initiative. We see so much negativity out there in the world today, it can become overwhelming and negatively impact our health,” she says. “So, I was very excited to see this positive initiative coming from our local school. I think that Thurston’s Kindness Challenge has the potential to instill a life-long commitment of being kind and giving back to others, which is so important for the kids in this community.”

Anita Encourages More Acts of Kindness

“One of the ways I encourage students to be kind and give back to our community is by donating healthy food options to The Laguna Food Pantry. A complete list of their donation wish list can be found on their website at lagunafoodpantry.org,” she added.

Anita Wang loves Laguna Food Panty

A Special Note from Anita

I think as parents we wonder if our kids take in the lessons of how to conduct themselves in public and to remember to be kind to others. The other day my son was witnessed being kind and I thought to myself, What, my son?! We were at a large party with kids, and a boy was complaining to his mother that none of the other kids where playing with him and he wanted to leave. My son Alex apparently over heard the conversation. Though he did not know the boy, he asked him to join in some activity and the boy had a great time at the party thereafter. The mother of the child was thankful but since she did not know me, she told the hostess of the party, who told me. These are the moments as a parent that encourages me to continue to teach my boys how to be good citizens and gentlemen. Our children are taking it in even if they do not act like they heard a word you said. I am grateful for the Thurston Kindness Challenge for encouraging our children to remember to act in kindness throughout our daily lives.
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For More Information about Thurston’s Kindness Challenge

Thurston’s Kindness Challenge begins in January 2020 and will continue throughout the school year. For questions about the fundraiser, contact Celine Macmillan, Thurston Middle School PTA President, via email at cmkllb@gmail.com or mobile (949) 466-7425.

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