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#AskDrAnita Q&As on Instagram Live

#AskDrAnita Q&A Instagram Live

#AskDrAnita Q&As on Instagram Live

#AskDrAnita Q&A Instagram Live

Every Wednesday at 6pm Pacific on IG Live

Join special guests every week at our Q&A series #AskDrAnita, where friends of the doctor will get to share thoughts in their area of expertise and also ask Dr. Anita health questions on behalf of their clients and community.

Have a question you’d like answered? Tag @anitawang_md on instagram or use the #askdranita hashtag to ask your question, and Dr. Anita may answer it on a future FB Live or Instagram Live Q&A. Not big on social? Contact us or email Dr. Anita with your #askdranita question.

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Friends of #AskDrAnita

Dr. Anita has a number of colleagues who share her passion for giving back to the community. Learn more about these special guests, and thank you for your support.

Integrative Nutrition Health and Breath Coach Sylvia Adler

Sylvia Adler is an Integrative Nutrition Health and Breath Coach who believes that even small changes in lifestyle can have huge positive impact on overall health. One of those vital changes is linked to learning to breathe more mindfully and deeply, as that alone can affect our entire organism.  https://www.facebook.com/HealthEssentials4you.

Recovery Coach-Mentor Morgyn Danae

Morgyn Danae, owner of Morgyn Danae Wellness, is a Recovery Coach-Mentor and Mental Health Advocate specializing in dance as a healing art and somatic trauma recovery. She integrates her extensive background working with the body as a certified holistic core specialist-fitness professional (corrective exercise/functional fitness) and licensed massage therapist. Her passion is to support women with a creative spirit to reclaim, transform, and express their unique core beauty and power. Website: https://morgyndanae.com. Instagram @morgyndanaewellness

Functional Nutrition Coach Brandon Drake

Brandon Drake has a background in nutrition and culinary arts, and is able to explain nutrition concepts and relate it to food to make it more exciting for his clients to learn how to optimize their metabolic health. Some common disorders associated with metabolic damage include pre-diabetes, diabetes, insulin resistance, heart attack, and stroke. He educates people on how to create a personalized lifestyle using food, nutrition, and behavior concepts to achieve long-term health.
http://heartfulfoods.com/. Instagram @heartfulfoodsforreal

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Publisher of LB Vibe Lisa Farber

Lisa Farber is the Publisher of Laguna Beach Vibe, Laguna Beach’s only locally owned and woman-owned, free entertainment guide, in print and online, featuring the music scene, arts, shopping, wellness, dining, and hospitality. Find out who’s voted the current “Laguna Beach Favorite” when you’re planning your day. https://LagunaBeachVibe.com. Instagram @lagunabeachvibe

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Mediator & Consultant Gail Landau, Esq.

Gail Landau is an attorney, mediator, and consultant, but also founder of the Catmosphere Laguna Foundation. She specializes in public relations and media communications, employer/employee relations, partnership disputes, intra family and elder financial abuse, healthcare and caregiver disputes, and advocacy for special interest groups and organizations including non-profits and charities. Orange County’s first cat cafe is dedicated to providing foster homes for adoptable cats and kittens. Website: https://www.catmospherelaguna.com/ Instagram @catmosphere_laguna

Chiropractor & Active Release Therapy Eric Liss

Dr Liss is a certified Active Release Technique provider and one of only a handful in orange county.  ART has become internationally known as the gold standard in soft tissue treatment and is being used by professional athletes all over the world to get rid of their chronic pain. http://www.pureprecisionchiro.com/

Growth Coach Dali Litinski

Dali Litinski, owner of Dali-Lama, The UnStoppable Growth Coach, is a wife, a mother of 3, coach, and entrepreneur. As a certified professional Life Coach Dali is able to empower and help people thrive and really be UnStoppable in their business and their life. Dali empowers people to thrive and really be UnStoppable in their business and life. Dali truly believes you can have it all, and is here to support and guide you in living this way.   Website: https://Dali-Lama.com Instagram @dali_litinski

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Transformation Health Coach Tania Mack

Tania Mack is a Certified Transformation Health Coach. She helps people break free from the diet trap and create a healthy relationship with food and their body. Website: https://www.taniamack.com Instagram @taniamack

Health Coach Corry Matthews

Corry Matthews is a champion health coach who inspires people to live life with more energy, endurance and vitality.  As an IFBB Pro athlete, she leverages her Masters Degree in Sports Medicine, Bachelors in Exercise Physiology, and 10+ certifications in nutrition and exercise science to create winning strategies for her clients.  Corry is the CEFO of Strength & Grace Fitness/Promotions, Co-Promoter of #MMVANPC (3 NPC Bodybuilding shows in VA) and the Co-Creator of the So You Want to Compete Program (#SYW2C).  She is a wife, mother and currently lives in Palos Verdes, California. www.StrengthAndGraceFitness.com Instagram @corrymatthews

Personal Trainer Regina Piazza

Regina Piazza RNC, NP, CPT, and Owner of Piazza Wellness is a Vanderbilt University graduate with a MSN degree in Critical Care and post MSN in Women’s Health. She also holds certifications as a Nurse Practitioner and Personal Trainer. Regina is passionate about helping others take the first step toward a healthy, happy life. https://www.piazzawellnesscenter.com

Show Host Ed Steinfeld

Ed Steinfeld is the host of Orange County’s top rated “Mornings With Ed” show on KX FM, where he follows the science, facts, and math behind the coronavirus, and sifts through the minutiae that is our political system.His interviews range from scientists to economists, politicians, and rock superstars — a must for listeners of all ages.He also shares his enormous music personal stash with us every weekday morning. Listen, learn, and enjoy! Mornings with Ed on 104.7 KX FM or online

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Wellness Advocate Sadie Tollberg

Sadie is a health and wellness advocate, and an Isagenix associate. She is a wife, mom of 2, nurse, and Army Veteran who is passionate about helping others find the best versions of themselves through finding the right nutrition, mindset, and community. Isagenix is a health and wellness company that believes Everyone Deserves Better Wellbeing From the Inside Out. https://sadiealexandra.isagenix.com Instagram @sadie_getting_healthy

Reset Coach Sandy Tovey

Sandy is an Executive Area Manager and Independent Consultant with Arbonne International. As a Health and Wellness Consultant, her focus is to: Introduce and educate consumers on safer, cleaner, environmentally friendly choices for health/nutrition, beauty, and personal care; and Coach, train and mentor consultants with their own virtual, global distribution business. As a health advocate and wellness consultant with a big heart for all good things from the earth, your busy life is her cup of tea. She helps fill the gaps where your nutritional eating may fall short and helps you simplify healthy living, from the inside out. https://sandytovey.arbonne.com Instagram @sandytovey

Clinical Nutritionist Carrie Wojo

Carrie Wojciechowski, a Clinical Nutritionist based in Costa Mesa, CA, takes a 100% holistic, yet scientific, approach when working with her clients. From nutrition to skin care to lifestyle and stress, Carrie helps her clients identify their deficiencies, dysfunctions and food sensitivities and then teaches them how to feed their bodies so they can heal themselves! Carrie has healed herself from Fibromyalgia, pre-diabetes, chronic fatigue and much more, and loves to share her passion with those that recognize food as medicine. https://PathtoHealthOC.com

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