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Best Gifts for Natural Health & Beauty Lovers

Health and Beauty Gifts from Anita Wang, MD

Best Gifts for Natural Health & Beauty Lovers

Minimally invasive Beauty Treatments

For the person who’s all about living naturally, loves to buy organic, and cares about their appearance (but doesn’t want to go under the knife), natural health and beauty treatment packages are a godsend. Now more than ever before, Dr. Wang offers a variety of minimally invasive options to reverse aging inside and out, so there’s no shortage of healthy treatment gifts out there to celebrate the health and wellness-focused person in your life.

With a prepaid treatment package for you, your loved one — or both — you are truly showing your care and your importance on their health and well-being. These treatment packages will have them feeling healthy, restored, and energized to tackle their New Year’s goals.

Check out 6 of our favorite wellness gift ideas below.

  1. Gift of Freedom
  2. Gift of Confidence
  3. Gift of Flexible Self-Care
  4. Gift of True Health
  5. Gift of Instant Celebrity
  6. Gift of Options

1. Gift of Freedom: Bladder Strength with Emsella Chair

The Emsella Chair is an FDA approved, non-invasive treatment for men and women who want greater control over holding their bladder. This technology stimulates the pelvic floor muscles magnitudes more than regular kegel exercises: 11,000 times in a 28 minute session. Many experience continence improvements after one treatment, and the Emsella is one of very few devices with a 95% satisfaction rate. Some even experience a boost in intimate activities. Bring a loved one and save even more with Dr. Wang’s Emsella Sit and Sip program.

20%-40% off for a 6-treatment package

  • Typical prescription is 6 treatments in 3 weeks (number of treatments determined upon complimentary consultation)
  • 20% off Package: $3,000 $2,400 prepaid.
  • Help a friend and save more: 40% off each for two or more packages ($1,800 per person)
  • Bulk Maintenance Package: 4 treatments, no expiration – $1,200 prepaid.

2. Gift of Confidence: Non-invasive Skin Tightening & Body Contouring Packages with Exilis Ultra 360

Give the gift of confidence by getting rid of loose, uneven skin and trouble areas. The BTL Exilis Ultra 360 is a gentle non-invasive skin tightening and body contouring alternative to lipsuction with zero anesthesia and no downtime.

$1,500 for a 4-treatment package

  • 4 treatments, no expiration
  • Skin Tightening: forehead, eyes, upper cheeks, lower face, lips, submentum, chinstrap, neck, d├ęcolletage, upper arms, forearm, hands, knee caps
  • Body Contouring: abdomen, love handles, bra roll, inner thighs, outer thighs, knees, banana roll, buttocks, arms, “The Better Booty” (buttocks & banana roll)
  • Single Treatments: price varies, depending on area. Contact Dr. Wang with your interest.

minimally invasive beauty treatments

3. Gift of Flexible Self-Care: Aesthetic Treatment Memberships

For men and women of any age, Dr. Wang’s minimally invasive aesthetic treatments can benefit those looking to reverse signs of aging, as well as those looking to prevent future skin damage. Every annual aesthetics membership includes the following options: skin tightening with Exilis 360, fat reduction/body contouring, micro-needling, Fire & Ice treatment, Perfect Derm Peel, Botox/Xeomin, and fillers.

4. Gift of True Health: Comprehensive Wellness Assessments

The true test of health and wellness is in how you feel. Dr. Wang’s wellness assessments include an extensive analysis of lifestyle habits and nutrition, along with a custom set of lab tests specific to your concerns. Micronutrient lab tests can reveal deficiencies and possible food sensitivities.

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Essential Wellness Assessment and Roadmap: $1,095 for initial consultation (lab tests not included), PLUS follow up analysis review and health strategy plan.

Fire and Ice Facial Red Carpet Anita Wang, MD

5. Gift of Instant Celebrity: iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial Annual Package

The iS Clinical Fire and Ice Facial is the most effective holiday treatment when we are seeing lots of friends and family because the results are immediately noticeable with zero downtime.

Give the gift of the celebrity treatment: many stars receive this treatment just before awards night when they need to look their best. For women seeking to tighten and restore their natural youthfulness with zero downtime, the Fire and Ice Facial is the celebrity’s choice for rejuvenating the skin. Stronger than a mild facial and gentler than an invasive peel. The iS Clinical Fire & Ice Facial also requires no downtime.

$1,600 for an annual 12-treatment package

  • 12 treatments in one year
  • Save over 10% off the original price
  • Includes one complimentary micro-needling treatment

Dr. Wang Gift Cards

6. Gift of Options: Wellness, Longevity, Aesthetics Gift Cards

Not sure what your loved one will love? Purchase a gift card for them to use at their leisure. Fully customizable. Contact us to start purchase your gift card now, and receive an electronic copy of the gift receipt for you to print at home.

The Bottom Line

By gifting your loved one a minimally-invasive treatment package, you are showing them how much you care about them and their health. How much is your energy and vitality worth to you?

What gift did we miss?

Let us know in the comments and we will see about what we can do about it!

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