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FB Live with Dr. Anita

FB Live with Dr. Anita

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Get your questions answered about health and energy, incontinence, and minimally invasive aesthetics procedures answered. Learn more about Dr. Anita Wang, MD. Find out how Wellness, Longevity, and Aesthetics can benefit you. My goal with these sessions is to educate others out there on how best to optimize their health and prevent illness and disease. Have a question? Tag me with #AskDrAnita or let me know and I may answer it in my next episode.

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FB Live 18. Skin Tightening 101: Botox vs Xeomin vs Exilis, Mar 17th 11am PDT

Learn more about the difference between Botox and Xeomin for skin smoothing, as well as the difference between neuromodulators and non-invasive radio frequency skin tightening devices like Exilis. Which lasts longer, Botox or Xeomin? Side Effects of Botox vs. Xeomin? Which treatment is more effective? Which treatment is safest? How much does Botox cost vs Xeomin? When should I avoid getting treatments? How should I decide if I should get Exilis or Xeomin?

Past FB Live Events

FB Live 17. Nutrient Packs, Emsella, Emsculpt Buddies, Feb 12th 11am PST

Learn about Dr. Anita’s new Nutrient Packs, Emsella with friends, and Emsculpt Ab Buddies.

FB Live 16. Demystifying Detoxes & Cleansing Programs, January 21st 11am PST

Join Holistic MD Dr. Anita as she explains the why and how behind detox diets and cleanses.How do you know if you have too many toxins or need to eliminate/neutralize toxins from the body?Is a detoxification diet or cleanse really necessary?Juices, teas, supplements, colon cleanses, enemas… which detox is right for you?How long should you detox?What should you expect when you follow a detox or cleanse?Do detoxes and cleanses really work?

FB Live 15. Covid Vaccines, Diastasis Recti, December 10th 11am PST

Learn about Covid vaccine updates and how there is now a noninvasive treatment for diastasis recti.

FB Live 14. Sarcopenia Prevention & Treatment, November 19th 11am PST

Learn about the importance of muscle mass on your overall health.

Come listen in and ask your questions while we talk about this, along with any other health related topics you may have.

FB Live 13. Introducing Emsculpt: Targeted Muscle Development October 16th 11am PDT

Developing and maintaining muscle mass is about more than just vanity and 6 pack abs (though this device does that too). The latest in body sculpting technology does more than burn fat — it causes 20,000 supramaximal muscle contractions in each 30 minute session. The result: stronger core/butt/calves/arms, more mobility, better balance and stability, improved metabolism, increased immunity, better mood, and more.

FB Live 12. Sending Kids Back to School During Covid, September 16th 11:00am PDT

Learn more about the things we can be doing to prepare our children for returning to the classroom in person. What’s the magic formula for reducing risk of infection? This important topic applies to both children and adults.

FB Live 11. Advocate for Daily Rapid Result Covid Testing, August 5th 11:00am PDT

Learn more about the details of how we could use inexpensive, rapid result Covid-19 testing as a first defense to get community spread under control. Influence the direction of our country by signing the petition and/or writing your local leaders.

Come listen in and ask your questions while we talk about this, along with any other health related topics you may have.

FB Live 10. The Sugar-Candida Connection, July 15th 11am PDT

Join Dr. Wang Wednesday, July 15, 2020 at 11:00am Pacific to discuss how having a big sweet tooth may be more than just a lack of willpower — it could be an imbalance of yeast in your body. On top of claiming to have uncontrollable cravings for sugar and processed carbohydrates, these patients often also complain of other common symptoms like fatigue, bloating, gastrointestinal irregularities, moodiness, and brain fog.

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FB Live 9. Immunity the Functional MD’s Approach During Covid Starts from the Inside June 17th 11am PDT

Dr. Anita discusss how you can actually look and feel your best during the Covid-19 pandemic, whether you are isolating or are able to leave home, along with any other health related topics you may have.

FB Live 8. Preparing yourself Post-Covid Lockdown May 13th 12pm PDT

Dr. Wang discussed how important your health is as we transition into a post Covid world. Regardless when businesses open, your body’s ability to fight disease in combination with protecting yourself from spreading germs will help you and others navigate this uncertain environment.

FB Live 7. Focusing on Wellness Amidst Covid-19 April 22nd 11am PDT

Dr. Wang gave some insight to how things look in the ER for her now, and how every individual’s actions is affecting her job in the emergency room and Covid ward.

FB Live 6. Coronavirus Weaknesses – Friday March 27th 1:00pm PDT

Dr. Wang discussed the medical science behind the Covid-19 Coronavirus and how best to protect yourself. Though wreaking havoc on our global society now, it is actually weaker than we think.

FB Live 5. Coronavirus Prevention & More – February 12th 11:00am PST

We’ll explore everything we currently know and don’t know about Coronavirus, and what you can do to best protect yourself and others. Plus – Q&A about Coronavirus or any other health and beauty related topics.

FB Live 4. Happy New Decade! Mitochondrial Health for Energy – January 15th 11:00am PST

Learn the purpose of these cellular powerhouses and how they affect your overall health. Mitochondrial function can impact your energy levels – and certain stresses can actually boost your mitochondria’s ability to perform vital tasks! Discover the holistic, natural way to optimal health and fitness.

More about this topic on my wellness blog.

FB Live 3. End of the Decade Health & Mindset Review – 12/11/2019

Thanks for joining me for my Facebook Live event.

It’s time to stop putting off the things you have been “meaning to do” or that do not have an official deadline. Make a commitment.

Knowing what your body needs will make it easier to stay on track whether with foods or exercise. I would like to challenge you to invest in your health by coming in and have a wellness assessment and find out how well you are. I’ll share some of my stories from the ER and suggest some tips on how we can make the upcoming decade even better than the last.

More about this topic on my wellness blog.

FB Live 2. How to Enjoy Stress-Free Travels This Holiday Season

Thank you for watching and participating on my FB Live on this topic. My goal with the Facebook Live events is to educate others out there on how best to optimize their health and prevent illness and disease. Is this something you would find value in, or how do you like to get your information about these types of topics? Please let me know!

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You can also learn more about the Let Down Effect by reading more about it in detail on my Health and Wellness Blog.


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So many people attended our last Facebook Live event that I didn’t get to speak with everyone. I hope by hosting another event I will have the opportunity to answer everyone’s questions. Also, due to popular demand, I plan to host Facebook Live events on a monthly basis.

Maintaining Your Health During the Holidays

I really enjoy seeing my patients in the office. However, these Facebook live events allow me to connect with a much wider audience and I enjoy the opportunity to work with such a diverse group of people. It’s also so important to stay healthy, especially during the holidays. I see so many of my patients burning the candle at both ends, trying to do it all, and not taking care of themselves in the process. Then they get sick and they can’t enjoy the holidays. My goal with this Facebook live event is to share a few simple tricks that can help you avoid the holiday burnout, stay hydrated and most importantly, healthy throughout the holidays. Attendees will also learn how they can stay dry and stop those frequent restroom visits with just a few simple treatments on the Emsella chair.


FB Live 1. Breast Cancer Prevention

Experts talk about the mammogram as if it is the only thing women can do in the fight against breast cancer. While it is a useful tool for early detection, I’d like to focus on one step earlier: breast cancer prevention. What we can we do to protect our bodies and minimize the risk of getting breast cancer. Other questions we will answer:

  • How much does diet, exercise, smoking, alcohol, contraceptives, hormone replacement therapy affect my risk?
  • How often should I go to the doctor for a check-up?
  • How does age and family history affect my risk?
  • What are symptoms of breast cancer?


What others are saying about Dr. Anita Wang’s Facebook Live Events

Many clients have already benefitted from attending Dr. Wang Facebook Live events. “I really enjoy these Facebook Live events because I can participate easily from just about anywhere,” said one attendee. “She also gives so much great advice in such a short window that it fits right into my busy day.”



Emsella Chair: A Revolutionary Treatment for Urinary Incontinence

Urinary incontinence is a serious issue affecting the young, old, men, and women. It can seriously affect a person’s motivation to going out and staying active, which can deteriorate their overall health and longevity.

Conventional medicine remedies can include: Kegel exercises, medication, Botox injections into the bladder, and other inconvenient and invasive procedures. I am so excited to share a new FDA cleared alternative that can deliver results in three weeks! Best of all –

Imagine a non-invasivefully-clothed28-minute procedure.

Read more about incontinence here and about the Emsella Chair here. We will also discuss

  • Various types of incontinence
  • Who is a good candidate for Emsella?
  • How many sessions do I need?
  • What does the procedure feel like?
  • How quickly will I see results?
  • What other benefits might I experience from using Emsella?
Ultra Femme and Emsella Chair for Urinary Incontinence

Other Questions?

If you have questions you’d like addressed regarding these topics, please send them to info@anitawangmd.com.

Hope to see then!

To your health,

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