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Does Dr. Wang take health insurance?

Dr. Anita Wang, MD, is a direct primary care doctor. By dealing directly with her clients, she is able to spend more time helping patients reach their best health. Patients may file a claim with their insurance provider for Dr. Wang’s services as an out-of-network physician. This ensures that medical decisions that are purely based on professional expertise and not on health insurance policies.

The office is happy to provide a superbill to submit as part of an insurance claim for reimbursement.

What is a superbill?

  • A superbill is a form completed by medical practitioners that allows patients to be reimbursed directly from their health insurance companies.
  • A superbill does not guarantee that an insurance provider will pay for the services provided. Each insurance plan is different, and it is your responsibility to contact your insurance provider and find out exactly will be covered.

Sending in your superbill for reimbursement

  • To ask your insurance company to reimburse you for services you received from your naturopathic doctor, mail (or submit online, depending on the company) your insurance company the following:
    • The superbill you received from your doctor, and
    • A copy of your insurance ID card, front and back.
  • Keep a copy of all the documents you send in for your records.
What is Functional Health Care?

Functional Health Care is client-centered form of healing at its best.
Instead of looking at and treating health problems as isolated diseases, it treats individuals who may have bodily symptoms, imbalances and dysfunctions. Some people know of “Functional Medicine”, however, at Core Flex Wellness and Chiropractic, while we see a place in society where the medical system fits, we practice true “health care”.

When health care treats just the symptom(s), it rarely leads to long-term relief and vibrancy. Identifying and treating the underlying root cause or causes, as Functional Health Care does, has a much better chance to successfully resolve a patient’s health challenge.

Using scientific principles, advanced diagnostic testing and treatments other than drugs or surgery, Functional Health Care restores balance in the body’s primary physiological processes. The goal: the individual’s lifelong optimal health.

Why offer aesthetic services with wellness?

Dr. Wang believes that healing the body on the inside with natural choices will eventually be reflected on the outside. It is all connected. However there are some minimally/non invasive treatments that also bring out her clients’ natural youthfulness. Dr. Wang is happy to offer these services for a one stop shop.

Which treatments do you recommend?

Each client is unique, so every treatment plan is different. What may be suitable for one client may not be helpful for another. Dr. Wang recommends a full wellness evaluation before determining what treatments will offer you the best benefit.

How does having an ER degree make you uniquely qualified to perform aesthetic treatments?

Dr. Anita Wang, MD, has over 30 years of experience as an Emergency Room doctor. This unique skill set separates her from most of her holistic practitioners, who lack a medical degree. Her medical degree allows her to compare the best treatment options from both western and eastern medicine. Her emergency room experience has also shown her the most serious cases of lack of care, and makes her all the more appreciative of preventive care techniques. Her passion for helping others comes through in her genuine concern.

Ready to Finally Feel Better?

Anita Wang, MD, FACEP, is a board-certified medical doctor of 30 years

Feel better, look better, naturally without harsh prescriptions or complicated surgeries. Practicing Functional and Integrative Medicine allows her to help patients find optimal health and vitality through comprehensive health profiling and rebalancing. She has practiced at UCLA Medical, Eisenhower Medical Center, and as a team lead in China during the 2003 SARS outbreak with Doctors without Borders (MSF). As the founder and lead practitioner of Wellness, Longevity and Aesthetics, Dr. Wang speaks globally, advocating for natural preventive health, pelvic and muscular strengthening, and minimally invasive aesthetics skin tightening.