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Exilis Ultra 360

The Exilis ULTRA 360 is the non-surgical solution for all over skin tightening, including the face, neck, chest, abdomen, legs, buttocks, arms, and flanks.

The device comes with a large and small attachment to allow us to tighten skin on just about any part of the face and body, including: lips, elbows, calves, underarms, knees, and ankles.

Benefits of Exilis ULTRA

  • Quick treatments
  • Painless procedure
  • Treat any part of your body
  • Tighten, contours and burns fat permanently
  • No downtime

Both the ultrasound and radio frequency energy travels through the very top layers of the skin and are absorbed as heat by the lower, more foundational layers. This prompts the body’s natural healing reaction, stimulating the flow of blood and allowing for the formation of collagen. Even as time goes by, the stimulation of collagen continues to improve as does the tightening effects of this technology. The best part of the combination treatment is that we now include female rejuvenation to bring this a true 360° full circle treatment!

Exilis Ultra360 diagram

Exilis ULTRA 360 is one of the most progressive, full-body, non-invasive skin tightening, fat burning and tissue lifting techniques available.

Dr. Anita believes in non-invasive measures to restoring a youthful look, without discomfort, prescriptions, or surgery. Exilis Ultra is a great solution for patients who:

  • Want to look amazing from every angle
  • Want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles
  • Want to tighten sagging skin
  • Have tried exercising and still have stubborn pockets of fat
  • Have health conditions that make losing weight difficult
  • Are looking for a quick, pain-free, and non-invasive solution

How does it work?

The goal is to elevate temperature over 40°C in the target tissue. The increased blood flow plays a crucial role in the target tissue. During the Ultra Femme 360™ therapy, perfusion in the tissue is significantly increased.

Before and Afters

Exilis before and after on eyelids and under eyes

Exilis before and after on neck, decollete

Exilis before and after on jowls, neck

Exilis before and after on abdomen and back for “love handles”

Exilis before and after on under arms

Exilis before and after on lower back, hips

Exilis before and after on legs, knees

Exilis before and after on abdomen


Exilis Ultra Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Exilis ULTRA treatment feel like?

Most patients are very comfortable and describe the treatment as being like a warm massage. The procedure is pain-free and quick. Except for the skin turning a very light pink in color, and should go away within a few hours, there are no significant side effects. You may resume normal activities right after your treatment.

Who is right for this treatment?

Any person that is noticing the signs of aging skin, such as sagging and loss in laxity or wanting to get rid of stubborn fat is a perfect patient for this cutting-edge combination treatment of RF and ultrasound.

How many treatments will I need?

Patients typically receive between 4-5 treatments once a week for one to four weeks, depending on the area and skin condition. Body contouring may be done in one week, while the skin tightening process typically takes approximately 4 weeks. Visible improvements can be seen after the 2nd treatment and continue to drastically improve even after your final visit. For a more accurate estimate of what to expect in your situation, please schedule a complimentary consultation.

Is there any downtime?

No, the treatment is pain free which allows you to return to your normal activities immediately. You may experience some slight redness, but will be gone within a few hours. For body treatments, you can resume workouts and activity immediately. For facial treatments, you can reapply your makeup later that same day.

How much does Exilis Ultra 360 cost?

Pricing is difficult to pinpoint without a consultation and without first better understanding your particular needs and goals. Pricing varies based on location of treatment, the skin’s current condition, your goals, and timeframe for achieving results. All discovery consultations are complimentary. We work with your budget and are will price match with other offers for the same services. Dr. Wang’s Aesthetics Memberships are also a cost effective and flexible option for those with interest in multiple aesthetic services. Schedule your appointment online today or contact our office.

What should I do prior to any treatments?

If you’re getting a facial treatment, please refrain from wearing makeup the day of. Stay hydrated and avoid coffee and alcohol before your treatment for the best results.

Is Exilis ULTRA okay for darker skin?

Yes, it is safe for all skin tones, as it does not treat hyperpigmentation.

Exilis Ultra 360 All Over

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This is a well known secret treatment among celebrities including Kim Kardashian West, who revealed that she uses the device to contour her cheekbones. Other celebrities use it to smooth skin two months before awards season, getting treatment once a week for 6 to 8 weeks.

Exilis in the News

Alternatives to Exilis

Though patients love the non-invasive approach of Exilis, many men and women automatically think of Botox when it comes to reducing wrinkles. While she and patients often find that Exilis does a better job at naturally reducing fine lines and wrinkles, for injectables Dr. Anita prefers Xeomin, also referred to as the “Purer Botox“, because it contains no additives — and no additives means less likelihood that the body will have any adverse effect of using the product. Learn more about Xeomin here

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