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A Buddhist Blessing from Dr. Wang

A Buddhist Blessing from Dr. Wang

A Helping Hand

I believe everyone needs a helping hand now and then. That help comes in many different forms, and one is receiving a blessing. It has been many years since I climbed Mount Kailash, the “Precious Snow Mountain” which is sacred to Buddhism.  Circumambulating Mount Kailash on foot in a single day is no easy task. The process of doing so is believed to bring one enlightenment and good fortune. It has been many years since I have traveled to Tibet and taken the journey up this sacred mountain.

Drepung Gomang Buddhist Monks

I am fortunate that I do not need to journey back to Tibet to receive a  blessing from the Drepung Gomang Buddhist monks. The monks visit Laguna Beach every few years to spread their blessings.

I wish to share that blessing with everyone and share in good fortune for the New Year!

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