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End of a Decade: Health Goals

reflect on the decade with Dr. Wang

End of a Decade: Health Goals

It will soon be the end of another year, but not just any year – it’ll be the end of the decade!


Do you remember where you were 10 years ago in terms of your goals? If you often give in to distractions and temptations, maybe you weren’t able to make much headway towards those goals.


In the ER

Unfortunately, I see examples of this in the ER all too often.

My heart aches for the alcoholic whose liver can no longer repair itself or handle the overabundance of toxins.

I worry about the patient who is addicted to processed foods and can’t seem to get her sugar intake under control. She and so many others now struggle with obesity, diabetes, cancer, or heart disease. Or worse yet, some combination of them.

In all these cases, I always wished I could have been there to guide these patients back to the right path before it was too late.


Your Health Journey

In the new decade, I challenge you to take back your health. You alone have the power to change — before it’s too late.

The first step in any change is to make the mindful, conscious decision to adopt a natural, healthy lifestyle. It will take time to establish these new neural pathways, but each positive choice is a step in the right direction.


Make a Commitment

It’s time to stop putting off the things you have been “meaning to do” or that do not have an official deadline. How much better will you feel when you make a commitment? Don’t let another decade go by without truly dedicating yourself to things you want in life, like

  • having a better relationship with your spouse
  • being more patience with your kids, or
  • getting healthier.


How Well are you, Really?

Knowing what your body needs will make it easier to stay on track whether with foods or exercise. I highly recommend you to invest in your health.

How well do you feel, honestly? My comprehensive wellness assessments can help you identify how healthy you really are. The number on the scale or the number on the chart is not the magic indicator of true health.

From the wellness assessment, find out if you need your cellular function tested.

I'm committed to a healthy lifestyle


Food: Friend or Foe

Remember that food can either be a slow poison or strong medicine for the body.

Take care of your body, and your body will take care of you. Make a commitment for the new decade — not just a new year’s resolution that will be forgotten on January 2.

Wellness Assessments

Schedule your general wellness appointment at anitawangmd.com. Once you have made the commitment to make the change, we will be there to help you on your journey.

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Other questions?

Have questions? Schedule a complimentary “Explore the Practice” phone consult at anitawangmd.com.

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