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Emsella for Intimate Health, Incontinence

Emsella™ is an FDA-cleared chair device that improves pelvic health in women AND men, fully clothed.


Maybe you’re looking for a non-prescription, non-surgical solution for improved intimate health. Maybe you’re tired of leaking when you laugh, cough, or sneeze. Maybe you’re always rushing to the bathroom when you’re out and about. Maybe you wish you didn’t have to wake up in the night so many times to use the bathroom.

Whatever the reason, these are not things you “just have to learn to live with”. There exists a better alternative.

What is the BTL Emsella?

The Emsella™ Chair is a new non-invasive electromagnetic device with FDA clearance to restore pelvic floor muscle and neuromuscular control for intimate health and urinary incontinence in women AND men, fully clothed. In strengthening these muscles, Emsella™ significantly reduces the symptoms related to incontinence. In addition, a stronger pelvic floor reduces nocturia  – waking up in the night to void – and can even improve sexual satisfaction. 

Why People Love Emsella™, the “Kegel Throne”


The pelvic floor includes ten muscles that directly support the bladder and male and female sex organs. For those suffering from poor sexual function and/or leaking, the solution is the same. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which strengthens the bladder muscles and ability to hold fluids in, along with tightening the muscles needed for erectile function and ejaculation control in men, and tightening the muscles supporting the vaginal canal. Stronger pelvic floor muscles also means increased blood flow, resulting in improved bladder control and improved sexual sensation. Because the Emsella delivers the equivalent of 11,200 kegel contractions in 28 minutes, the solution is clear: Emsella is the preferred non-invasive, non-surgical treatment method for incontinence and intimate health in men and women.

What is Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary Incontinence is defined by any accidental loss of urine from the bladder. It affects up to one-third of women AND men in the United States. Although more commonly experienced in females than males, incontinence is unpleasant regardless of gender. Common causes include: age, childbirth, or falling hormone levels. Whatever the case, it makes physical activity or even regular movements like sneezing, laughing, or coughing an uncomfortable experience.

Body Aging, Childbirth, And Menopause Can Lead To Incontinence

BTL Emsella PIC Moa EN100 v2

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The EMSELLA from BTL Aesthetics is the first device of it’s kind – an FDA cleared chair that uses a high-intensity electromagnetic field (similar to an MRI) to activate motor neurons in the pelvic floor and treat urinary incontinence.

Dr. Anita Wang - BTL Emsella Chair
Patients remain fully dressed when receiving High Intensity Focused ElectroMagnetic (HIFEM) field procedure

Using HIFEM (High Intensity Focused Electromagnetic) field to stimulate and contract the pelvic floor muscles, the Emsella strengthens this pelvic floor and surrounding tissues for improved tightness in the area.

Treatment of Stress and Urge Incontinence

By strengthening the pelvic floor, sufferers of Stress and Urge Incontinence see great improvements. These sufferers lose or have weakened control over the urinary sphincter, and Emsella restores the strength to those muscles and tissues.

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How Emsella Works

Emsella Chair, now FDA cleared for the treatment of urinary incontinence in men and womenOne 28 minute session will induce 11,200 contractions, the equivalent of performing 11,200 Kegel exercises. The BTL Emsella is a disruptive technology to traditional Urogynecological treatments:

  • FDA cleared for both Male & Females
  • Stress, Urge & Mixed Incontinence
  • Non-Surgical, Non-Invasive procedure performed on a completely clothed patient
  • 28 minute periodic stress free, fully clothed sessions

The pelvic floor muscles form the base of the group of muscles commonly called the ‘core’.  These muscles work with the deep abdominal (abs) and back muscles and the diaphragm (breathing muscle) to support the spine and control the pressure inside the stomach. When combined with the HIFEM technology of Emsculpt to strengthen the entire “Core to Floor”, patients describe the benefits to be even greater than with just Emsella alone.

For women only: when combined with the BTL Ultra Femme 360, patients can say goodbye to stress incontinence. While the Emsella Chair stimulates muscle development externally, the Ultra Femme 360 works from the inside out. The internal treatment increases vascular flow to stimulate regeneration of collagen and fibroblast tissues. Dr. Anita’s focus on the introitus area (the opening of the vaginal canal) means that the area close to the urethra outlet will be greatly strengthened and improved.

What does the Emsella Chair feel like?

After receiving their treatments using the Emsella, patients often express that they experience a buzzing or tingling during pelvic floor muscle contractions. Most of our patients remark that it is a feeling unlike any other. You may resume daily activities immediately after the treatment. 

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Does Emsella really work?

BTL’s Emsella chair is a unique solution for urinary incontinence because of its effectiveness. This product uses high-intensity focused electromagnetic field technology to stimulate your muscles to contact in your pelvic floor. But unlike performing regular Kegel exercises, the stimulation occurs at a pace higher than the time it takes for your muscles to relax, thereby intensifying the efficacy in strengthening the pelvic floor. When prescribed an exercise routine of Kegels, patients find they lose interest or fail to establish a habit of performing these exercises. Compare this to sitting in the Emsella chair for 28 minutes, which causes 11,200 contractions in this short period of time.

After 6 treatments, 

  • 95% of treated patients improved their quality of life.
  • 67% of treated patients reduced or totally eliminated day-to-day use of hygienic pads.
  • 100% of patients reported better awareness of pelvic floor muscles.

The Emsella Advantage

The best part about the Emsella is that this all happens fully clothed. You don’t need to change into gym clothes, don’t have to worry about breaking a sweat, and don’t have to worry about getting undressed for  any embarrassing or uncomfortable visit with the doctor. The electromagnetic field passes harmlessly through your clothes to stimulate the pelvic floor, all while you sit and relax. This is the ultimate in noninvasive procedures.

What is the recovery period after receiving an Emsella treatment?

Another great perk of choosing the Emsella chair treatment is that you can immediately return to your normal activities after each session. Your pelvic muscles will be strengthened and increase in size, thus giving your bladder the support it needs. Your daily routine will not be disrupted.

How many treatments will I need?

Most of our patients undergo a series of six treatments — two per week for three weeks. Your results gradually reveal themselves during this time as your pelvic floor becomes stronger with each treatment. In the end, the BTL EMSELLA has a 95% satisfaction rate, with patients reporting a significant improvement in their quality of life.


Is Emsella Safe? Is Emsella FDA Approved?

Yes, the Emsella Chair is FDA approved. As stated on the BTL Emsella official website, Emsella is now FDA approved for both men and women.

BTL Emsella® is intended to provide entirely non-invasive electromagnetic stimulation of pelvic floor musculature for the purpose of rehabilitation of weak pelvic muscles and restoration of neuromuscular control for the treatment of male and female urinary incontinence.


How much does Emsella Cost?

The Emsella Chair recommended treatment is typically a set of sessions, determined after a consultation with Dr. Wang. While most patients will receive a se


Is Emsella Worth It?

What price do you put on your health and livelihood? If you are tired of worrying about leaks, pads, and making alternative plans, please schedule a free consultation with Dr. Anita Wang, MD to see if Emsella is right for you. The Emsella chair could be the end of embarrassing and life-altering urinary incontinence issues, all without invasive surgeries or procedures. 

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