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Emsella Sit & Sip Promotion: 40% off

Dr. Anita Wang - BTL Emsella Chair

Emsella Sit & Sip Promotion: 40% off

Anita Wang MD Emsella Sip and Sit
The breakthrough FDA cleared, non-invasive, fully-clothed Emsella treatment for pelvic floor health is now available at 40% off.

Purchase 2 or more Emsella Chair Packages and get 40% off each.

In case you missed it, the Emsella chair is the revolutionary FDA-cleared, non-invasive device that strengthens the pelvic floor muscles in women and menfully clothed. Following a personalized plan of 6-10 treatments, patients sit in the Emsella Chair for a mere 28 minutes, inducing the equivalent of 11,200 Kegel exercises each treatment.

Friends don't let Friends suffer from weak pelvic muscles.

These stronger pelvic muscles can improve sexual satisfaction, reduce the need to go to the bathroom at night, and most notably, alleviate symptoms related to accidental leaks. For those that are constantly worrying that certain physical activities or even regular movements like sneezing, laughing, or coughing will cause leaks, incontinence is an uncomfortable experience that now has an easy solution.

Sit with a friend while getting Kegels of Steel -- without breaking a sweat.

Give the gift of freedom to enjoy life with the Emsella Sit and Sip Promo.

One package for you, plus one for a…

  • Emsella Sit & Sip Promo with Friendsfriend
  • mom, sister, aunt, cousin
  • dad, brother, uncle
  • spouse or partner

You are not alone. According to WebMD, between 25-45% of all women and more than 10% of men suffer from stress or urge incontinence, meaning they experienced leakage at least once in the past year.

Each Individual’s Emsella Package includes:

  • Complimentary private consultation with Dr. Wang
  • Personalized plan of included Emsella treatments*
  • Fully clothed treatments on the Emsella Chair
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi access in office
  • 24/7 Easy online appointment scheduling
  • Phone and email access to Dr. Wang with questions or concerns

Remember that time we met up at Dr. Wang's office for Kombucha on the Kegel Throne?? Best. Decision. Ever. 🤗

How much does an Emsella Package Cost?

It depends. Because each patient is unique, Dr. Wang will assess the ideal number of treatments for your condition during your consultation. Most patients fall within BTL’s recommended 6 treatments completed in 3 weeks for maximum effectiveness. For 6 treatments, the Emsella Package original price of $3,000 is reduced to $1,800 with the Emsella Sit & Sip Promo.

For 6 treatments, the Emsella Package original price of $3,000 is reduced to $1,800 with the Emsella Sit & Sip 40% off Promo.

How to Claim the Emsella Sit & Sip Promo 2+ for 40% off

To receive 40% off the original package price, simply contact the office.

Each person claiming the promotion must:

  1. Schedule an Emsella consultation with Dr. Wang.
  2. Mention the Emsella Sit & Sip Promo.
  3. Purchase your package.
  4. Schedule your appointments online, choosing
    • one hour appointments (2x 28-minute sessions) with your friend,  or
    • individual 28-minute sessions, or
    • any combination of the two.
  5. Live your fullest life as your pelvic floor becomes stronger with every treatment.

I am ready for Emsella

Emsella Sit & Sip Promo Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Sit & Sip offer expire?

December 31, 2019. Get started today.

What do my friend and I get to sip at our One Hour Sit & Sip?

Dr. Wang’s office will have a selection of healthy non-alcoholic beverages for you to choose from. Alternatively, you can bring your own beverage.

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Do I have to schedule Emsella treatment appointments with my friend?

No. You may schedule appointments together or separately, or any combination thereof.

How many Emsella Chairs does your office have?

Dr. Wang currently has one Emsella Chair that will be shared in a one hour Sit & Sip session.

What if I only want an Emsella Package for myself?

Individuals can also purchase a Emsella package for 10% off.

Can I bring my friend who is not receiving services to my appointment?


What if my friend decides to purchase a Package after the promotion ends?

If you refer your friend, after the promotion ends, we will honor the 40% promotional discount for both you and your friend.

How often do I have to get treatments?

The number of treatments per package varies depending on Dr. Wang’s evaluation and the severity of your symptoms. A typical recommended package includes 6 treatments: 2 treatments per week for 3 weeks for maximum effectiveness.

How long do the results last?

Maintenance treatments are recommended every 6 months – $500 each or $1,200 for 4 prepaid.

Can I pay after the promotion expires?

In order to receive the 40% off, package payments must be received by the promotion expiration date.

Do I have to schedule my appointments before the promotion expires?

Appointments may be scheduled anytime after payment received, including after the promotion expiration date.

Is Emsella covered by insurance?

Emsella treatment is not typically covered by most insurance. Check with your health insurance provider.

Live your fullest life as the Emsella results gradually reveal themselves and your pelvic floor becomes stronger with each 28 minute treatment.

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* BTL states that the typical patient requires 6 treatments, but this varies based on the severity of symptoms.

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