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Emsculpt Before and After Photos

Emsculpt Before and After Photos

Emsculpt, a revolutionary non-invasive body contouring treatment, actively builds muscle in the stomach or buttocks. These muscles boost your overall metabolism and increase total caloric burn, for a whole host of health benefits including improved posture, fat loss, greater balance and mobility, and greater protection of internal organs.

Although the two most common treatment areas are the abdomen and buttocks, this safe and effective body sculpting procedure can also be used to tone and sculpt the arms and legs. Dr. Anita Wang is proud to be the first Laguna Emsculpt provider to offer these treatment options and looks forward to helping patients strengthen and tone their bodies for vitality. Learn everything you need to know about body sculpting with Dr. Anita here.

Emsculpt Abs – Women’s Before and After

Some things to notice about visual improvements to the abdominal muscles on women after receiving the Emsculpt treatment is that in all cases, the midsection girth was reduced. The bellybutton is often higher because the muscles are pulling it up. Some women did see more definition in the actual muscles, also known as “6-pack abs”.

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Emsculpt Abs – Men’s Before and After

Some things to notice about visual improvements to the abdominal muscles on men after receiving a standard Emsculpt treatment package: bellybutton placement is often higher because the abdominal muscles are lifting it higher. Some men did see more definition in the actual muscles, also known as “6-pack abs”.

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Emsculpt Buttocks Before and After

Many patients notice a fuller, rounder shape after a standard set of 4 treatments. The actual glute muscles are often lifted, reducing the fold at the bottom of the buttocks.

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Emsculpt Arms Before and After

Many men and women see an increase in the size of the bicep, and more definition in the tricep.

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Emsculpt Legs Before and After

For calves, patients will often see a more defined version of their natural shape. Calf development may support knee, ankle, and foot injuries.

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