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Patient FAQ: Who can I call if I get sick?

Consider what you would do in the event you get sick with respiratory symptoms right now. Are you able to call your doctor? How responsive are they? How well do they know you and your individual body?

Going to a hospital or urgent care office could expose an otherwise mildly ill individual to other viruses including the coronavirus, depending on the facility.

Rest assured that you can call the office for virtual appointments, for established and non-established patients. For those of you with Wellness Memberships, these telemedicine services (call, text, virtual, urgent care) are all included in your plan. Contact our office today.



Patient FAQ: I have a cough but no fever. Should I get tested for COVID-19?

Contact your doctor. Use virtual services if at all possible so you can stay home in case you are infected, so you do not spread the virus to other individuals. If you have no known risk factors (older adult, heart disease, diabetes, lung disease) and are not short of breath, going to the Emergency Room may expose you to other viruses than if you were to stay home and be advised by your physician or Dr. Wang.

The best thing for someone with mild symptoms of a virus and is otherwise feeling fine with no shortness breath and no risk factors is to self isolate for a minimum 14 days, possibly up to 20 days.

More info from CNN: Is it allergies, the flu, or COVID-19?

Covid-19 vs. something else


Patient FAQ: Should I continue to send my child to school, meetings, practice, etc.?

Update 3/17/2020: The White House is asking for citizens to stay home and avoid any discretionary travel.

Update 3/13/2020: Many state governments are asking the community to practice social distancing. Limit non-essential outings whenever possible. Practice social distancing.

Original response: “Should I stay or should I go” is always tricky because it depends on so many factors dependent on the individual and surrounding people:

  • Current health
  • Hygiene habits: how good are they about washing, not touching stuff, putting hands on face
  • Health of others there: are they likely to attend even if they are a little sick?
  • Hygiene of others: what if they don’t have great hygiene?
  • Hygiene of the facility: how often do they disinfect?
  • Who you are in contact with and their health: if you are in frequent contact with someone with a weakened immune system?
  • Emotionally tolerance: How will it affect you if someone gets sick?

Ultimately this is a personal choice, and not one I can give a straight answer to. More about the CDC’s recommendations here.

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