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Jun 20th

Jada Pinkett Smith, 48, says her νagina looks like ‘a little beautiful peach’ thanks to procedure

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Jada Pinkett Smith claims she has the νagina of “a beautiful peach” after undergoing νaginal rejuvenation treatments to resolve her bladder problems.

The 46-year-old actress, who is married to Will Smith, revealed the news on a recent episode of her Facebook series Red Talk Talk, during which she and mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones, 64, visit the Vitality Institute of Agoura in Los Angeles, Calif., where Pinkett Smith had previously undergone treatment (Pinkett Smith’s 17-year-old daughter and co-host Willow Smith was not present).

“A lot of women focus on keeping [the νagina] healthy for sex and pleasing man,” Pinkett Smith says, to which her mom adds, “But you gotta do it for yourself.”

The pair, who admit that νaginal rejuvenation is a “sensitive topic” due to cultural shame surrounding age, met with owner Kelly Rainey, who explained that the 5-year-old process is ideal for women who want to improve dryness, their cosmetic appearance, painful sex, and stress incontinence (a condition that causes a person to accidentally urinate with physical movement).


Jada and Gammy embark on a very personal journey to a clinic that specializes in vaginal rejuvenation. Gammy is skeptical of the newfangled technology, but Jada has a different point of view.

Posted by Red Table Talk on Friday, June 15, 2018

During the procedure, an instrument called the “UltraFemme 360″ is repeatedly inserted into the νagina. “It introduces heat which stimulates cellular turnover which makes you feel younger again,” Rainey told the mother and daughter of the radiofrequency process. “And it gets tighter and nicer and functions like it did when we were back in our twenties.”

Jada Pinkett Smith underwent  νaginal rejuvenation treatments to treat bladder problems. (Photo: Getty Images)

An additional attachment is also worked around the labia and the urethra “which does make the appearance sometimes tighter and helps with stress incontinence and you become more supple,” says Rainey. “So it’s easier to have sex again.” According to the Vitality Institute’s website, the treatment works to “stimulate your body’s healing response, cell regeneration, collagen synthesis, and blood supply.”

It apparently worked for Pinkett Smith who proclaimed, “My yoni is like a 16-year-old — I’m not kidding. It looks like a little beautiful peach.”

Rainey adds that the procure itself is pleasurable saying, “Two out of 10 women do have a happy time while they’re getting the treatment. That’s what the literature told us.”

See the original program at Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk Facebook Show called VAGINAL REJUVENATION 101.

This article originally appeared on Yahoo! Lifestyle on June 19, 2018.

Learn more about the Ultra Femme 360 administered by Anita Wang MD.

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May 5th

From The May Cover of Laguna Beach Vibe: Anita Wang, MD

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More at Laguna Beach Vibe’s Health & Wellness

Dr. Anita Wang’s introduction to Western Medicine originated from symptoms of fever, sore throat, headache and neck pain. A pediatrician examined her and determined she needed a spinal tap to rule out meningitis. When she became ill with severe coughing and chest pain her grandfather took her to a Chinese medicine doctor. He checked her pulse and tongue and gave her little pellets that soon restored her health. Her relatives believed that food was directly connected to well-being as her grandfather used to suck on ginseng root for energy and her mother brewed Chinese herbs to alleviate her brother’s asthma.

As a conventionally trained physician in acute care medicine she believes in the merits of western technology but one should not wait for symptoms before seeking medical advice. Being proactive using Functional Medicine provides a deeper approach to investigating the root cause of chronic illness. It identifies cellular dysfunctions by designing a personalized treatment plan based on examination of hormones, genetics, environment, nutrition and lifestyle. The ultimate goal is to extend lifespan and wellness with optimal cognitive capacity, energy and stamina.

Traditional Western Medicine treats disease by dividing patients into sub-specialties ie: heart, lung or colon, yet despite these divisions, problems remain unsolved. Dr. Wang determined that Functional Medicine, which incorporates plant based medications, proved to be more significant in healing and treating the whole person vs. individual parts.

On Thursday, June 7th from 5:30pm to 8:30pm, Dr. Wang will speak at the Woman’s Club about Functional Medicine and non-surgical procedures for women with urinary incontinence. She is pleased to introduce the FDA approved Exilis Ultra Femme device. There will also be a screening of Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare and a light meal will be provided for those attending.  RSVP at: 949-734-0580.

Her wish for all is a wonderful healthy long life full of vitality and beauty!

Laguna Beach May Cover photo by Mary Gulino;

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Apr 23rd

Ultra Femme 360 for Pelvic Health

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Ultra Femme 360

8 Minutes that can change your life.

Ultra Femme 360 is appropriate for patients who are:

  • Struggling with incontinence
  • Experiencing pelvic pain 
  • Looking to refresh and rejuvenate your pelvic floor
  • Looking to tighten your vaginal canal for intimate reasons
  • Looking for a quick, pain-free, and non-invasive solution


Treatment Details

  • Shortest Intimate Skin-tightening treatment  – in as little as 8 MINUTES! 
  • PAIN FREE  – Patients describe feeling a very tolerable warm sensation
  • 360 degree delivery with NO DOWNTIME 
  • Treatments are available every day – BOOK NOW!


Ultra Femme 360

Ultra Femme 360: How it works

The Exilis system is proven to increase elastin and collagen in dermatologic and aesthetic settings. This is achieved by radio frequency elevating the temperature to over 40C in the target tissue.

The Ultra Femme 360’s perfusion in the tissue is significantly increased.

how ultra femme 360 works


Real Patients Say…

I recently completed a series of three treatments of the BTL Exilis Ultra  Femme 360 with Dr. Anita Wang.  I am ecstatic!  I can laugh, cough, sneeze and jump with abandon!  Her office is lovely, private and welcoming.  Dr. Wang is very knowledgable and professional and she has a casual yet comforting bedside manner.  I would highly recommend Dr. Wang and the Ultra Femme 360 for anyone who has this uniquely feminine issue.  You no longer have to tolerate those annoying leaks!

– Zoe from Laguna Beach

Find out more

More information at Please contact us with questions you have and to book a consultation today.


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Mar 30th

Wellness & Aesthetic Fair Recap

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The rain didn’t dampen turnout at Wellness and Aesthetic Fair: more events to come

Last Thursday, March 22, Dr. Anita Wang hosted a Wellness and Aesthetic Fair at the beautiful location of Wellness, Longevity and Aesthetics at 255 Thalia Street. With staff and local business owners in attendance, attendees were treated to some amazing food from Nirvana Grille, previews of Dr. Wang’s latest treatments, and great conversation with Dr. Wang and her staff.


The Wellness and Aesthetic people welcome visitors to their fair

Representatives from the Laguna Health Club, Nirvana Grille, Sourced Cuisine, Cho’s Academy and other local businesses were also there to show their support and offer special promotions of their own.

From the busy skincare room to the BTL Exilis Ultra device, patients were able to enter into a raffle to win amazing treatments and receive local offers from neighboring businesses.

Dr. Wang says she is so excited to welcome the community into her practice and she’ll be holding many more wellness events in the upcoming future.

For more information, call (949) 734-0580.

This article was originally featured on the online news source and community forum Stu News Laguna.

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Mar 8th

Wellness, Longevity & Aesthetics is getting better and better over time

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This interview of Anita Wang, MD was originally featured in the Stu News Laguna online magazine.

Dr Anita Wang has announced an expansion of her business, Wellness, Longevity and Aesthetics. To celebrate, the company will hold an open house on March 22 from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the premises at 255 Thalia Street.

Dr Wang, MD, FACEP, is a Board Certified Emergency Physician, a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians, a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians, a Fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging, and extensively trained in Aesthetics. She graduated from the University Missouri – Kansas City School of Medicine and has spent the last 20 years as an ER doctor previously at UCLA Medical Center, Eisenhower Medical Center and St. Mary’s Medical Center.

Dr Anita Wang, ER physician turned wellness consultant

In addition to larger offices, Dr Wang – Anita – is introducing a new device that helps women who suffer from stress urinary incontinence.

“I hope to reduce the ads for Depends for women with the embarrassing need for them, when they cough sneeze or laugh,” Anita says.

Ironically, the former ER physician’s company deals with chronic illness and lifelong care, on the opposite continuum of the specialty, emergency medicine, which she practiced for many years.

“Don’t get me wrong,” Anita says, “I thoroughly enjoyed the thrill and exhilaration of a good trauma case suddenly rolling through the door. I was able to open the chest of a patient, find the bullet hole in the heart and sew it close as the emergency team working together as a well-orchestrated ballet, to save the patient in the golden hour.”

With a laugh, Anita adds: “I now enjoy the sensation of the thrill and exhilaration as I recline and watch a good action adventure. Who knew you could get the same thrill without all the stress!”

We asked Anita to tell us more about the evolution of her company and her medical philosophy.


The welcoming lobby of Wellness, Longevity and Aesthetics (pictured right)

Stu News: You say that your work in ER led to your business. How so?

Anita: Well, the department was not all trauma and critical care. I would spend a good amount of time reassuring the person coming in with crushing chest pain that he/she was not having a heart attack. I would go over the risk factors and life style choices that would either increase or decrease the likelihood of them having a heart attack. Many times my patients said that they wished their doctor had the time to have gone over the choices they made in life that could have prevented them from having chronic disease. They would ask me to be their primary care physician, because they appreciated the extra time I would take to explain things to them. I immediately would throw garlic at them as if they were vampires!

Stu News: You worked in emergency medicine for more than 20 years. What in particular made you decide to switch to doing what you do now?

Anita: Over the years, witnessing the miracles and devastation of conventional medicine, while I worked to save lives, [I saw] many [patients] at the end of a tortured life, with chronic disease on multiple medications. I would work feverishly to save their lives, only to feel their frustration because of their lack of good qualify of life. I now prefer to save lives by preventing illnesses, rather than trying to save lives at the end life.

Stu News: How would you describe your philosophy of medicine?

Anita: I now practice the philosophy of medicine I have held for myself, which is a combination of eastern medicine, that is good for prevention and chronic disease, and western medicine, for acute care advance life saving technology. There is a growing trend of integrative medicine specialists that are trained in functional medicine, anti-aging, regenerative medicine, and holistic medicine, etc. This is the type of practice I have opened, and look forward to helping patients with conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and more.

Calm, quiet, comforting IV room (pictured right)

Stu News: The name of your company is Wellness, Longevity and Aesthetics. Which is your main focus? Which area is most popular? I think I can guess.

Anita: Interestingly, I am better known for the aesthetic portion of the practice, which was a quiet practice motivated by my mother’s nudging for services for years, which I resisted, until I realized I needed the services she was demanding from me! It has been a surprisingly good fit for my emergency medicine personality, to continue performing procedures and attain instant gratification for my patients.

Stu News: Great! How did you end up in Laguna Beach?

Anita: I feel so fortunate to be in Laguna Beach! It happened on a whim. My husband and I had been living in China for the past three years while I was working with Doctors without Borders. When we returned we were exploring options of where to settle. One day we stopped at an open house in Laguna Beach on our way to hiking. That was twelve years ago, we ended up putting roots down here in Laguna. Six years ago I started my private practice.

My wish for all is a wonderful healthy long life full of vitality and beauty!

For more information, call 949-734-0580 or visit or

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Feb 5th

Sweet Potatoes for Weight Loss

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Did you know that sweet potatoes aid in weight loss?

What’s the science?

Sweet potatoes are nutrient dense and are loaded with fiber. This fiber becomes a resistant starch, which is a type of fiber that remains intact in the large intestine and is fermented by your gut flora to become short-chain fatty acids. Short chain fatty acids are important for keeping colonic cells healthy and anti-carcinogenic, another side benefit of sweet potatoes. Resistant starch is found in raw potatoes, green bananas and boiled potatoes when cooled. Resistant starch promotes satiety, to help curb cravings and reduce fat storage.

Sweet Potatoes versus White Potatoes

Sweet potatoes when compared to white potatoes have more fiber, fewer carbohydrates, a lower glycemic index, fewer calories and more vitamins. They also have a phenomenal amount of vitamin A, primarily in the form of beta-carotene, which is a powerful nutrient that supports skin and eye health, cell growth, and brain function. Sweet potatoes also help to improve blood sugar, especially important for diabetics.

Sweet Potato Superfood

Sweet potatoes have been named a superfood because of their antioxidants, which are able to neutralize the damaging free radicals that threaten our health. It’s surprising that sweet potatoes aid in weight loss, due to resistant starch. Because of it’s extra natural sweetness, they should be consumed with a healthy fat such as ghee or coconut oil, or with a healthy protein source, to slow digestion that will result in a more balance release of glucose. This comes from a study in 2017, where mice fed a high-fat diet and supplemented with purple sweet potatoes had reduced body weight and fat accumulation over a 12 week period.

Other perks of sweet potatoes:

  1. Boost brain function, improve memory because of the abundance of nutrients and antioxidants.
  2. Enhance immunity because of the abundance of vitamin A. Vitamin A stimulates production of immune cells and have anti-tumor properties.
  3. Vision health: beta-carotene the primary form of Vitamin A in sweet potatoes has been shown to slow the progression of age-related macular degeneration. Deficiency of vitamin A may result in dry eyes, night blindness and vision loss.
  4. Stabilize blood sugar, good for diabetics to help reduce, regulate blood sugar level and improve insulin sensitivity, to help transport the sugar from the bloodstream to the tissues to be used as energy.
  5. High in antioxidants to fight off free radicals, to reduce the risk of chronic disease and prevent cell damage. Antioxidants protect against diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Resistant Starch: boiled then cooled potatoes

Important points to remember are that resistant starch is in boiled, then cooled potatoes. Therefore, make potato salad with sweet potatoes. The satiety factor maybe short lived. I have sweet potatoes with organic butter as a comfort food to satisfy my craving for carbohydrates. It is a much healthier choice than simple high glycemic carbohydrates. Besides satisfying my craving, sweet potatoes are packed with nutrients and antioxidants that are a great health benefit.

Happy sweet February!

Food for thought: Abs are made in the kitchen!


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Feb 23rd

Carbohydrates for Wellness

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A High-Carbohydrate Diet for Weight Loss

I recommend a low carbohydrate diet for weight reduction, to avoid insulin resistance, heart disease, and more. The madness is, I also recommend a high-carbohydrate diet for weight loss and general health.

How is this possible? Carbohydrates encompass a large variety of foods from chocolate cake to broccoli. Carbohydrates can be divided into two sub categories:

  • “Slow burning” or low glycemic carbohydrates. These are plant-based carbohydrates that do not spike blood sugars, provides vitamins, minerals, fiber and healing phytonutrients.
  • “Fast burning” or high glycemic carbohydrates. These carbohydrates come from sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, or white flour used in making foods such as breads, pasta, cookies, cakes which the body turns quickly to belly fat.

The difference between these two types of carbohydrates is the affect on blood sugar. High-fiber, low sugar carbohydrates such at cauliflower digest slowly and do not lead to blood sugar and insulin spikes, whereas the fast burning high glycemic carbohydrates disrupt appetite controls causing you to eat more and more and metabolism converts it into belly fat.

Simple ways to remember what to eat:

Green – go for it, eat all you want!

Eat plenty of these slow burning, low glycemic vegetables, for example: kale, broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cucumbers, asparagus, seaweed.

Yellow  – be cautious, eat in moderation.

Eat these whole grains (brown rice, quinoa, buckwheat), legumes, dark berries, apples, pears, drupe or stone fruits such as peaches, apricots, and plums in moderation, as their gycemic index is slightly higher than foods in the “green”.

Red – stop and think about it.

Eat limited amounts of these starchy high-glycemic cooked vegetables: winter squashes, peas, potatoes, corn, root vegetables such as yams, beets or high sugar fruits like bananas, grapes, melons. Eat theses as treats, not dietary staples.

Forbidden carbohydrates

Forbidden carbohydrates to try to avoid or very sparingly, include dried fruits, processed foods and gluten-containing grains.

75 percent of your carbohydrate intake should ideally come from non-starchy vegetables and low-glycemic fruits. This will normalize your weight, prevent sugar crashes, and reduce your risk for numerous diseases.

No Carb Diets

A carbohydrate-restricted diet (including “good” carbohydrates) for a period of time may be necessary treatment for patients with type 2 diabetes, high blood sugar or obesity. Low-glycemic “green” carbohydrates are introduced as insulin sensitivity improves, then “yellow” and “red” high glycemic carbohydrates are re-introduced on occasion.

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Feb 10th

Chocolates for Sweet, Healthy Living

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As a doctor practicing Functional Medicine, I encourage all my patients to make food choices that positively affect their vitality and health. Did you know that dark chocolate can be incorporated as one of those positive choices?

I am sure you have heard the studies that have shown the benefits of dark chocolate, that it may reduce risk factors of heart disease, reduce cell damage, lower blood pressure, improve vascular function, lower levels of insulin, possibly reduce cancer risk, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, lowering LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and elevating HDL (“good”) cholesterol. More research and larger studies are needed to confirm these findings, but the initial data is very encouraging. The high levels of flavanols found in dark chocolate are responsible for these anti-aging benefits.


Not all dark chocolates are created equal

To receive the full health benefits of this sweeter treat, select only dark chocolate with 70% or greater cocoa, and enjoy one or two ounces several times a week. Worried about excess fat or sugar? The fat found in cocoa, called stearic acid, does not raise cholesterol levels. The amount of sugar in chocolate that is 70% cocoa is only about one-third the amount found in its milk chocolate equivalent. Valentine’s Day will be even sweeter knowing dark chocolate is satisfying more than just your sweet tooth.

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Dec 30th

New Year’s Resolutions from a Functional Medicine Physician

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Happy New Year!

If you follow the Western tradition of making a New Year’s resolution, you may have chosen one related to health, such as weight loss, taking better care of your skin, managing stress better, or getting more sleep. If so, were you aware hormone imbalance could prevent you from attaining these goals?  As a functional medicine physician, I would like to be your partner to help you succeed in your health related New Year’s resolution. We would identify biochemical causes that could be preventing you from reaching your goals. I will be your support, coach, and guide to help you maintain your enthusiasm throughout the year, to ensure you succeed. We will develop a personalized program that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Should you be concerned about a hormone imbalance? If you are experiencing the following symptoms in any of these areas below, you may benefit from a functional medicine evaluation to determine if a hormone imbalance is preventing you from living life to the fullest. Learn more about how my Functional Medicine services could help you live well.

Weight Loss

An undetected hormone imbalance can be the hidden culprit sabotaging your best efforts to maintain a healthy weight. Signs of hormone imbalance are:

  • Difficulty losing weight despite dieting and exercising
  • Weight gain with belly fat
  • Weight gain in the hips and thighs
  • High Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Loss of lean muscle
  • Increased appetite


Skin Vitality

Some examples of hormone imbalance effecting your skin include: overproduction of androgens (testosterone and DHEA) causing acne, oily skin, excess facial or body hair; high cortisol stress hormone producing rashes and breakouts; accelerated hormone loss causing one to appear older than their biological age.

If you experience two or more of the symptoms listed below, consider further investigation into whether you have a hormone imbalance.

  • Increased wrinkles
  • Decreased skin elasticity
  • Acne/oily skin
  • Melasma (dark patches)
  • Hirsutism (excessive hair)
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Puffy eyes/face; dry, thinning skin/hair/eyebrows; brittle nails
  • Skin rashes/eczema
  • Sleep deprivation



Prolonged stress affects the production of adrenal hormones, causing adrenal imbalance, triggering blood sugar and insulin imbalances, food cravings, weight gain and sleep disturbances. Adrenal glands under pressure create imbalances of other hormones: stealing progesterone away from its reproductive duties to make extra cortisol, or by inhibiting thyroid function and metabolism.

Red flags of Adrenal stress are:

  • Sleeping less than 6 hours a night
  • Waking up tired but too “wired” to fall asleep at night
  • “Have to have my coffee”
  • Need alcohol or recreational drugs to wind down
  • Vacations, what’s that?
  • Exercise, what’s that?
  • Healthy meals, what’s that?

If you two or more of these scenarios describe your current lifestyle, you are at risk for adrenal stress and hormone imbalance.


Sleep Deprivation

Chronic Sleep Loss is defined as 6 or less hours per night and can cause depression, obesity, diabetes, and disruption of cortisol and sleep hormone melatonin balance. Chronic sleep loss is displayed by two or more of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Frequent or early waking
  • Morning or evening fatigue
  • Feeling “tired but wired”
  • High stress
  • Irritability/impaired performance
  • Hunger/sugar cravings
  • Weight gain


Learn more about how my Functional Medicine services could help you live well.

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Nov 21st

What is Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine?

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Proactive, Predictive, Personalized Medicine

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about my focus on Anti-Aging, Regenerative, & Functional Medicine. In its most basic form, it is the practice of medicine that is patient-based (not disease-centered), evidence-based (supported by science), and focused on finding the right hormonal, genetics, environmental, nutritional, and lifestyle factors to optimize the body’s ability to self repair.

With the goal of extending lifespan and wellness, Anti-Aging, Regenerative & Functional Medicine optimizes your cellular functions to give you optimal cognitive capacity, energy and stamina.

Read more about Anti-Aging, Regenerative & Functional Medicine here.

I truly believe in this new approach to caring for your health. Contact my office at 949-734-0580 to learn more at your next appointment.

Wishing you Health and Longevity,

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