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A Buddhist Blessing from Dr. Wang

A Helping Hand I believe everyone needs a helping hand now and then. That help comes in many different forms, and one is receiving a blessing. It has been many years since I climbed Mount Kailash, the “Precious Snow Mountain” which is sacred to Buddhism.  Circumambulating Mount Kailash on foot in...

Happy New Year, Again!

Happy New Year again! If you didn't quite reach your January new year's resolution, here is a second chance. The Chinese New Year has just begun and the two-week celebration allows for another opportunity to create a plan for the Year of the Pig. Year of Good Behavior and Wealth:...

8 Best Beet Health Benefits

Chinese New Year and Valentine’s day have their temptations with those beautifully red color sweets. Instead of artificial colors, consider using beets for color and for natural sweetness in treats such as beet red velvet cupcakes, beet cookies, beet cashew cake, beet sour cream popsicles, beet ice cream, or beet...

The Dirty Dozen and the Clean Fifteen

Is my food safe to eat? Every year, the U.S. Department of Agriculture releases a Pesticide Data Program (PDP) report for consumers that verifies the food they eat is safe. In it, they analyze the most commonly consumed fruits and veggies and report the types and amount of pesticides found within...

Stop the Leak Now!

Learn about the Emsella Chair for Urinary Incontinence Thursday, January 24th, 2019 from 4-7pm at Dr. Wang's Laguna Beach Office Ugh, did I just laugh in the movie theater and wet my pants? There is hope. Introducing a new non-invasive treatment protocol with the Emsella Chair that is FDA approved for...

Reducing Oxidative Stress to Improve Health

I am always looking for ways to help my patients improve their health. It is well known that antioxidants are important in combating free radicals in our bodies. A key factor is the reduction of the amount of free radicals that produce oxidative stress that cause inflammation and disease process....

Ready to Finally Feel Better?

Let’s work together to focus on root cause resolution. My goal is to dig deep into what’s causing your health problems and determining optimum performance and wellness. Start your journey to optimal health today.