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Apr 23rd

Exclusive Documentary Screening June 7th 5:30-8:30pm

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Thursday June 7th, 2018 5:30 pm- 8:30 pm

Join us for an exclusive viewing of the renowned 2012 documentary, Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare, co-directed by Matthew Heineman and Academy Award®- nominee Susan Froemke.


Escape Fire Movie Screening

Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare

We need a whole new kind of medicine.  Get educated on these issues and add your voice to a growing chorus for change. This film shines a light on major issues with the US healthcare system, and positions that the only way to fix it is to build an “escape fire.” The literal definition of escape fire is a fire intentionally set to provide shelter from a larger uncontrolled blaze. Figuratively, it is an improvised, effective solution to a problem that can’t be solved by traditional methods.

RSVP By May 31st, 2018

Call 949-734-0580 or email us to reserve your space.

At, we believe in a more holistic view of health care. Patients come in to the doctor’s office overmedicated and over-treated. My goal is to prevent disease before it happens, and treat my patients as a whole instead of addressing issues in isolation. This movie describes many of the challenges that I see as a doctor and that we face as patients. Join me to learn more.


Why you don’t want to miss this free event

  • Do you feel disenfranchised with the healthcare system?
  • Want to reduce or eliminate medications?
  • Want to find out the root of your illnesses and not just treat symptoms?
  • As an employer or leader of your organization, are you interested in having healthier, more productive employees?
  • Are you interested in learning how Functional Medicine could help you live a healthier life?
  • Want to learn about a non-surgical option for challenges like urinary incontinence, sagging skin, stubborn fat deposits, and wrinkles?


Trailer for Escape Fire: The Fight to Rescue American Healthcare below. See you there!

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Apr 20th

Laser Tuesday! May 1, 2018

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Please join us on Tuesday, May 1, 2018 where we will focus all of our appointments on making you LOOK as good as you feel.  Improve your health and get ready for summer by signing up today – ONLY A FEW SPOTS LEFT!

Anita Wang, MD. Laser Treatment Before and After

Did you know that laser treatments can address and resolve all of these issues?

  • Laser Hair Removal
  • PhotoFacial Treatments
  • Vascular Treatments
  • Removal of local fat deposits
  • Reduction in overall volume of treatment area
  • Improvement of cellulite
  • Body shaping
  • Skin tightening
  • Feminine pelvic health
  • Urinary Incontinence

Contact us with any questions you have or learn more about skin tightening on your face and body at our Aesthetics Page.

Reserve your spot for Laser Tuesday now.

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Mar 30th

Wellness & Aesthetic Fair Recap

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The rain didn’t dampen turnout at Wellness and Aesthetic Fair: more events to come

Last Thursday, March 22, Dr. Anita Wang hosted a Wellness and Aesthetic Fair at the beautiful location of Wellness, Longevity and Aesthetics at 255 Thalia Street. With staff and local business owners in attendance, attendees were treated to some amazing food from Nirvana Grille, previews of Dr. Wang’s latest treatments, and great conversation with Dr. Wang and her staff.


The Wellness and Aesthetic people welcome visitors to their fair

Representatives from the Laguna Health Club, Nirvana Grille, Sourced Cuisine, Cho’s Academy and other local businesses were also there to show their support and offer special promotions of their own.

From the busy skincare room to the BTL Exilis Ultra device, patients were able to enter into a raffle to win amazing treatments and receive local offers from neighboring businesses.

Dr. Wang says she is so excited to welcome the community into her practice and she’ll be holding many more wellness events in the upcoming future.

For more information, call (949) 734-0580.

This article was originally featured on the online news source and community forum Stu News Laguna.

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Jan 28th

Open House Wellness & Aesthetics Fair: March 22, 2018 4-7pm

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I am happy to announce that I have expanded my office and I would love to show you at my upcoming Open House on March 22nd from 4-7pm!

Special Offers Now through March 22nd: 25% off and more

It is a very exciting time for me and I would like to share my joy by extending these offers to you:
  • 25% off a functional medicine consult $495
  • 25% off any package of 4 treatments on my new Exilis Ultra 360 and Ultra Femme for skin tightening, body contouring, and feminine health!
  • 20 units free of Botox with purchase of Voluma $800
  • 10 units free of Botox with purchase of Volbella $525
  • $200 off of purchase of Kybella $2,200
  • IS Clinical Post treatment kit FREE with purchase of 4 micro needling ($1,250 reg $1,400) Growth factor not included
  • $150 off of Omni Growth factor with purchase of 4 units $1,200

Raffle items

Come stay at our open house and you may win one of many prizes:

  • Free functional medicine consult
  • Free Botox treatment
  • Free Xeomin treatment
  • Free 20 minute skin tightening
  • Free micro needling
  • Free fire and ice facial
  • $100 gift certificate for Source Cuisine
  • One month free yoga at Cho academy Tai Kwon Do (reg $75-$100/month)
  • One month free adult martial arts at Cho academy Tai Kwon Do (reg $125 – $150/month)

Promotional offers are good from now until our Open House March 22, 2018, the last day of this promotion.

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Jan 25th

What’s New at Anita Wang, MD

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Happy 2018!

Time is flying by.  Remember to stop and take a breath and enjoy the moment. It has been awhile since I have sent out a blog and it has not been because I was “kickin” it on the beach!

Expanded Location

I am happy to announce, I have expanded my office and I now have suite B for my Functional Medicine (anti-aging-preventive medicine) and Aesthetics practice to myself. This additional space allowed me to acquire new equipment to better help clients with their health and wellness needs.

Special Offer Now through March 22nd: 25% off

It is a very exciting time for me and I would like to share my joy by extending an offer to you:
  • 25% off a functional medicine consult, and
  • 25% off any package of 4 treatments on my new Exilis Ultra 360 and Ultra Femme, a head to toe device that tightens, reduces and more!
  • 25% off any package of 4 microneedling treatments

This offer is good from now until our Open House March 22, the last day of this promotion.


Open House March 22, 2018 4-7pm

Please save the date for my Open House Wellness and Aesthetics Fair, being held from 4-7pm. I hope you can attend this upcoming event to see all the changes in the practice.

Closing Thoughts

You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way. 
―Walter Hagen
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Feb 23rd

March Madness 2016: Aesthetic Exclusives, CareCredit & More

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March madness exclusives

Aesthetic March Madness Specials 2016

UPDATE APRIL 2016: This March Madness Special has now expired but please subscribe to our emails and check back often for more new offers.

I’m pleased to offer a special service for the aesthetic aspect of the practice, to help you take advantage of March Madness Specials.

CareCredit – a credit card for healthcare services

A minimum purchase of $1,000 qualifies for CareCredit’s fixed monthly payment with no interest if paid in full within 18 months or 14.9% APR until paid in full. Apply with CareCredit at

Introducing CareCredit, North America’s leader in patient payment plans. CareCredit lets you begin your treatment immediately – then pay for it over time with low monthly payments that fit easily into your monthly budget.

CareCredit works like a credit card, but is exclusive for healthcare services.  With no up-front costs, no pre-payment penalties, and no annual fees, CareCredit lets you pay over time and frees up cash and credit cards for the other things you want or need.  CareCredit offers low monthly payment plans for healthcare procedures not commonly covered by insurance.

How it works: On qualifying purchases of $1,000 or greater made with your CareCredit credit card account, you pay a fixed monthly payment amount based on repayment over 24, 36 or 48 month period. For example, on a purchase of $1,000 the estimated monthly payment (interest included) would be:

  • $48 per month paid over 24 months,
  • $35 per month paid over 36 months, or
  • $28 per month paid over 48 months.

If paid in full within 6, 12 or 18 months you pay no interest. Payments would be $167, $83, $56 respectfully.

March Madness Specials – buy now, use when ready

CosmoPen Regular $465 special $348.75 for one treatment or $930 for a series of 4

Xeomin® $475 for 50 units. Units may be split up. Additional $40 charge only if a consult is needed on the next visit. Receive $100 Saving Visa Card when you sign up for Xperience Program.


All items listed below are 15% off each OR purchase one at regular price and get 50% off the second. Additional savings on Belotero.

Juvederm® Ultra Plus XC special $510 for one, or buy one at the regular price of $595 + get 50% off second one (total $892.50)

Juvederm Voluma® special $760.75 for one, or buy one at the regular price of $895 + get 50% off second one (total $1,342.50)

Belotero Balance® special $467.50. Additional savings if purchased with Xeomin®/Botox® $440, buy one at the regular price of $550 + get 50% off second one (total $825)

Latisse® special $152.15 for one 5ml, or buy one at the regular price of $179 + get 50% off second one (total $268.50)

Perfect Derma™ Peel special: contact Dr. Wang

Jessner Peel special: contact Dr. Wang

All purchases are final. Initial consultation may apply to new patients.

Anti-Aging News on Carbohydrates

Learn more about how I encourage eating carbohydrates as a functional medicine doctor.

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Jan 30th

The Sweet Side of Functional Medicine & Aesthetics

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The Sweet Side of Functional Medicine

As a doctor practicing Functional Medicine, I encourage all my patients to make food choices that positively affect their vitality and health. Did you know that dark chocolate can be incorporated as one of those positive choices?

I am sure you have heard the studies that have shown the benefits of dark chocolate, that it may reduce risk factors of heart disease, reduce cell damage, lower blood pressure, improve vascular function, lower levels of insulin, possibly reduce cancer risk, diabetes, stroke, heart attack, lowering LDL (“bad”) cholesterol and elevating HDL (“good”) cholesterol. More research and larger studies are needed to confirm these findings, but the initial data is very encouraging. The high levels of flavanols found in dark chocolate are responsible for these anti-aging benefits.

Not all dark chocolates are created equal

To receive the full health benefits of this sweeter treat, select only dark chocolate with 70% or greater cocoa, and enjoy one or two ounces several times a week. Worried about excess fat or sugar? The fat found in cocoa, called stearic acid, does not raise cholesterol levels. The amount of sugar in chocolate that is 70% cocoa is only about one-third the amount found in its milk chocolate equivalent. Valentine’s Day will be even sweeter knowing dark chocolate is satisfying more than just your sweet tooth.


The Sweet Side of Aesthetics

As a functional medicine doctor that also practices aesthetics, I know that vitality also comes with wanting to look as great as you feel.

Xeomin, an Alternative to Botox

I would like to introduce a wonderful alternative to Botox called Xeomin (incobotulinmtoxin A). Major changes at Allergan have forced us to adjust our loyalty pricing to $10.50 with Brilliant Distinction (regular price of Botox remains at $12 per unit). However with Xeomin, I can offer the same beautiful results as Botox, but at a better price.

Like Botox, Xeomin is derived from the same botulinum toxin A used to diminish lines and wrinkles, but is free of the accompanying protein found in Botox. This more purified formulation makes it equally effective but less immunogenic, or less likely to cause the body to reject the treatment.

Xeomin Pricing & Promotion, now through March 31, 2016

UPDATE APRIL 2016: This special pricing has now expired but please subscribe to our emails and check back often for more new offers.

Regular pricing for Xeomin is the same $12 per unit as Botox, but my loyal patient discount makes Xeomin a much greater value at only $9.50 per unit. On top of this, if you purchase 50 units before March 31 and sign up for the Xeomin Xperience Program (free), you will receive a $100 Savings Visa card. This $100 rebate effectively prices your 50 units at $7.50 per unit!

Purchase now and use the units at any time. A $40 consultation fee only applies for placement adjustment when administered.

Get a jump on it now, and treat yourself to a sweet Valentine’s Day!


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Dec 30th

New Year’s Resolutions from a Functional Medicine Physician

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Happy New Year!

If you follow the Western tradition of making a New Year’s resolution, you may have chosen one related to health, such as weight loss, taking better care of your skin, managing stress better, or getting more sleep. If so, were you aware hormone imbalance could prevent you from attaining these goals?  As a functional medicine physician, I would like to be your partner to help you succeed in your health related New Year’s resolution. We would identify biochemical causes that could be preventing you from reaching your goals. I will be your support, coach, and guide to help you maintain your enthusiasm throughout the year, to ensure you succeed. We will develop a personalized program that suits your lifestyle and needs.

Should you be concerned about a hormone imbalance? If you are experiencing the following symptoms in any of these areas below, you may benefit from a functional medicine evaluation to determine if a hormone imbalance is preventing you from living life to the fullest. Learn more about how my Functional Medicine services could help you live well.

Weight Loss

An undetected hormone imbalance can be the hidden culprit sabotaging your best efforts to maintain a healthy weight. Signs of hormone imbalance are:

  • Difficulty losing weight despite dieting and exercising
  • Weight gain with belly fat
  • Weight gain in the hips and thighs
  • High Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Loss of lean muscle
  • Increased appetite


Skin Vitality

Some examples of hormone imbalance effecting your skin include: overproduction of androgens (testosterone and DHEA) causing acne, oily skin, excess facial or body hair; high cortisol stress hormone producing rashes and breakouts; accelerated hormone loss causing one to appear older than their biological age.

If you experience two or more of the symptoms listed below, consider further investigation into whether you have a hormone imbalance.

  • Increased wrinkles
  • Decreased skin elasticity
  • Acne/oily skin
  • Melasma (dark patches)
  • Hirsutism (excessive hair)
  • Male pattern baldness
  • Puffy eyes/face; dry, thinning skin/hair/eyebrows; brittle nails
  • Skin rashes/eczema
  • Sleep deprivation



Prolonged stress affects the production of adrenal hormones, causing adrenal imbalance, triggering blood sugar and insulin imbalances, food cravings, weight gain and sleep disturbances. Adrenal glands under pressure create imbalances of other hormones: stealing progesterone away from its reproductive duties to make extra cortisol, or by inhibiting thyroid function and metabolism.

Red flags of Adrenal stress are:

  • Sleeping less than 6 hours a night
  • Waking up tired but too “wired” to fall asleep at night
  • “Have to have my coffee”
  • Need alcohol or recreational drugs to wind down
  • Vacations, what’s that?
  • Exercise, what’s that?
  • Healthy meals, what’s that?

If you two or more of these scenarios describe your current lifestyle, you are at risk for adrenal stress and hormone imbalance.


Sleep Deprivation

Chronic Sleep Loss is defined as 6 or less hours per night and can cause depression, obesity, diabetes, and disruption of cortisol and sleep hormone melatonin balance. Chronic sleep loss is displayed by two or more of the following symptoms:

  • Difficulty falling asleep or staying asleep
  • Frequent or early waking
  • Morning or evening fatigue
  • Feeling “tired but wired”
  • High stress
  • Irritability/impaired performance
  • Hunger/sugar cravings
  • Weight gain


Learn more about how my Functional Medicine services could help you live well.

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Dec 1st

A Season of Beauty & Vitality for You

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Here’s wishing you a season with beauty and full of vitality to enjoy the festivities!

Looking for that something special for a loved one, or a special treatment for you and a friend to enjoy? A popular request I often get is for the Youth Treatment.

Youth Treatment – no downtime, immediate results

My Youth Treatment is a clinically designed treatment to resurface and nourish the skin, promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This quick 20 minute procedure encourages cellular renewal, giving you glowing and younger looking skin. Best of all, the treatment may be done last minute before that special event. $150 per session (as of 12/2015. Please contact the office for current rates). Read more about the Youth Treatment and other Aesthetics services here.

Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine Consultation

Want to give something unique? The Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine consultation could make a gift for optimal health and longevity that says I care for you. This could be the service that your loved one would never splurge on themselves, but an experience that they would be curious to try if given as a gift. $350 consultation. Read more about the Initial Consultation and my philosophy on wellness and longevity here.

Gift Certificates

Give them the gift of their choice! Gift certificates can be applied to the services of their choice and never expire. Let them choose how they want to achieve beauty, wellness and longevity at their own discretion. Read more about our aesthetics services and wellness services here.

Contact my office at 949-734-0580 to order your gifts or schedule your appointment.

Wishing you a safe and happy holidays!


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Nov 21st

What is Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine?

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Proactive, Predictive, Personalized Medicine

I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about my focus on Anti-Aging, Regenerative, & Functional Medicine. In its most basic form, it is the practice of medicine that is patient-based (not disease-centered), evidence-based (supported by science), and focused on finding the right hormonal, genetics, environmental, nutritional, and lifestyle factors to optimize the body’s ability to self repair.

With the goal of extending lifespan and wellness, Anti-Aging, Regenerative & Functional Medicine optimizes your cellular functions to give you optimal cognitive capacity, energy and stamina.

Read more about Anti-Aging, Regenerative & Functional Medicine here.

I truly believe in this new approach to caring for your health. Contact my office at 949-734-0580 to learn more at your next appointment.

Wishing you Health and Longevity,

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