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Acupuncture Therapy


Acupuncture Therapy

Acupuncture, Meditation Services available at Dr. Anita’s Wellness Center


Traditional Asian medicine treats the whole person. While considered alternative to western medical treatment to some, it is actually a traditional holistic medicine based upon thousands of years of observation and documented practice. Traditional Asian medicines work to stimulate your body’s own natural mechanisms and defenses.  Dr. Anita Wang, MD, has partnered with Anne Davies, DAOM, L.Ac. to provide patients with a full range of treatment options for prevention and treatment depending upon their need.

Anne Davies, Acupuncture

Anne Davies, DAOM, L.Ac.

Anne Davies, DAOM, L.Ac., is an NCCAOM National Board-Certified, California state licensed Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (DAOM) and mindfulness teacher. She has been working with patients to help them achieve their best possible state of health for over ten years. She specializes in treating the symptoms of anxiety, stress, and digestive issues using acupuncture and traditional Asian medicine. Her services include:


To formulate a diagnosis and treatment plan for an acupuncture appointment Anne will conduct an interview, look at your tongue, take various pulses (3 places on each wrist and ankle etc.), and palpate areas of the body acupuncturists call channels. As the modern practice of acupuncture integrates training in biomedicine, she may also ask about your other conditions, any recent labs, and check your blood pressure. Lifestyle suggestions (see Chinese Herbal Medicine  / Yang Sheng below), if indicated for your diagnosis, are also included with an acupuncture treatment.

Stimulation of Points on the body

The technical definition of acupuncture is the stimulation of specific points on the body, by insertion of very fine, sterile, stainless steel needles to elicit a predictable physiological response. Acupuncture points may also be stimulated using mild electrical stimulation, pressure techniques with the hands (acupressure), the application of magnets, or heat by various methods. This is natural pain relief. While “needles” might sound scary, most patients really enjoy their treatment and usually take a nice nap on the table. 

Chinese Herbal Medicine / Yang Sheng

Acupuncture is only one part of traditional Asian medicine. Chinese herbal medicine and the teachings of Yang Sheng (nourishment of life) are some of the others. Chinese herbal medicine has been shown to be effective for many ailments and is considered safe when practiced by a trained, certified, and licensed professional using herbal products complying with FDA and WHO certified processes. Anne uses Evergreen Herbs as they meet all of these criteria and she has found them to be very effective in her practice.

Yang Sheng are the ancient teachings that can help us learn to take better care of ourselves throughout the phases and challenges of our lives via the cultivation of our minds, the nourishment of our bodies, and the general care of our person including our habits of work, play and sleep. 

These offerings are included, as indicated, in a acupuncture treatment session. They can also be booked as separate consultations apart from an acupuncture treatment.

Mindfulness Meditation

Becoming mindful can be described as “waking up” and thus becoming truly present and aware. This awareness gives us the expansiveness and choice that so many of us feel is missing from our lives as we frequently spiral into fight or flight responses and reach for external solutions to solve our problems. Anne offers individual 1 to 1 sessions in mindfulness based practices for relaxation, stress reduction, anxiety, panic attacks, emotional trauma and pain control. She also offers an 8 week mindfulness for wellbeing program consisting of 1 individual session a week, with assigned homework and daily practice on your own. 

Complementary 10 minute consultation

If you have any questions regarding adding any of these services to your wellbeing routine, book a  complementary 10 minute consultation with Anne to see if these approaches are a good fit for you and your healthcare goals.

For more information

You can schedule an appointment online with Anne Davies at https://www.anitawangmd.com/appointments/, or contact us to learn more about what therapy program might best for you.

More information about Anne’s services can be found at https://belikethewater.com.

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