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About Anita Wang MD, FACEP

Dr. Anita Wang’s interest in preventive medicine, anti-aging, and skin health was instilled by her many patients that requested her to continue to care for them after their care in the Emergency Department. She decided to honor the requests of her patients and dedicated herself to ensure wellness and natural healthy beauty is maintained inside and out for her patients.

Board Certified

Anita Wang, MD, FACEP is a Board Certified Emergency Physician, a Fellow of the American College of Emergency Physicians, a Fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging, and extensively trained in Aesthetics. She graduated from the University Missouri – Kansas City School of Medicine and has spent the over 20 years as an ER doctor previously at UCLA Medical Center, Eisenhower Medical Center and St. Mary’s Medical Center.


Dr. Wang believes in helping others with limited resources, and has volunteered her services with Medecins Frontieres/Doctors Without Borders to provide medical aid to the impoverished regions of China.

Her compassion and skills have taken her around the world and allowed her to adapt a unique skill set that merges eastern influence and western technology. She is dedicated to delivering the highest quality holistic wellness, preventive medicine, and medical aesthetics and continues to practice Emergency Medicine as well as running her own practice and providing care to online patients.

More about Anita

Dr. Wang is an avid cyclist who has cycled around the world on philanthropic bike tours for Keshet – A rainbow of hope for special needs children and Bao-ji Xinxing Aid for Street Kids. Together with her husband, she remains very active raising twin boys and continues to practice yoga, running, tennis, and cooking healthy meals for her family.

In her own words…

I am fortunate to be in Laguna Beach, it happened on a whim. My husband and I had been living in China for the past 3 years while I was working with Doctors without Borders. When we returned we were exploring options of where to settle. One day we stopped at an open house in Laguna Beach on our way to hiking. That was twelve years ago, we ended up putting roots down here in Laguna. Six years ago I started my private practice. 

I never imagined after 30 years as an emergency medicine physician I would be excited to announce that I was working with chronic disease! My practice is on the opposite continuum of the medical care delivery system, for which I was initially trained. Ironically, it is my emergency medicine experience that has lead me down this road. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the thrill and exhilaration of a good trauma case, I have since retired from the level 1 trauma and now enjoy the sensation of the thrill and exhilaration as I recline and watch a good action adventure movie. Who knew you could get the same thrill without all the stress!

The emergency department was not all trauma and critical care. I would spend a good amount of time reassuring the person coming in with crushing chest pain that he/she was not having a heart attack. I would go over the risk factors and life style choices that would either increase or decrease the likelihood of them having a heart attack. Many times my patients said that they wished their doctor had the time to have gone over the choices they made in life that could have prevented them from having chronic disease. They would ask me to be their primary care physician, because they appreciated the extra time I would take to explain things to them. I immediately would throw garlic at them as if they were a vampire! Over the years witnessing the miracles and devastation of conventional medicine, while I worked to save lives, many at the end of a tortured life, with chronic disease on multiple medications. I would work feverishly to save their lives, only to feel their frustration because of their lack of good qualify of life.

I now prefer to save lives by preventing illnesses, rather than trying to save lives at the end life. I now practice the philosophy of medicine I have held for myself, which is a combination of eastern medicine, that is good for prevention and chronic disease, and western medicine, for acute care advance life saving technology. There is a growing trend of integrative medicine specialists that are trained in functional medicine, anti-aging, regenerative medicine, and holistic medicine, etc. This is the type of practice I have opened, and look forward to helping patients with conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and more. Interestingly, I am better known for the aesthetic portion of the practice, which was a quiet practice motivated by my mother’s nudging for services for years,which I resisted, until I realized I needed the services she was demanding from me! It has been a surprisingly good fit for my emergency medicine personality, to continue performing procedures and attain instant gratification for my patients.

My wish for all is a wonderful healthy long life full of vitality and beauty!

– Anita

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